How to Vote Online or By Text on American Idol 2024

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Lionel Ritchie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan

The voting has been turned over to America on American Idol, so to make sure your voice is heard, here are the three ways to vote for your favorite to make it through to the finale. Here is how to cast your ballot at either, the American Idol app, or via text.

How to vote for the American Idol winner for 2024

You have three options in the American Idol voting system this year:, the American Idol app, or via text.

When can I vote for American Idol?

Voting for American Idol begins Sunday, April 7, 2024. Voting opens at the beginning of the East Coast broadcast at approximately 8 p.m. ET/ 5p.m. PT and closes at 6 a.m. ET/.3 a.m. PT. the next morning.

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How often can I vote for American Idol?

There is a limit of 10 votes per contestant per method each episode for a total of 30 across all three voting methods.

How to vote at

Go to and register. Then you simply sign in and click on the artist you wish to vote for and assign that artist the number of votes you wish to cast. Then click the Save button. This voting method allows up to 10 votes per contestant. Don’t forget to save when entering or updating your votes!

How to vote using the American Idol App

Download the official American Idol app from the Apple app store or Google Play to watch highlights and vote. After you download the app, create an account and sign in. Click Go to Vote Now. Find the artist you wish to vote for and assign that artist the number of votes you wish to cast. Then click the Save button.

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American Idol text votes

For American Idol text votes, simply text the voting numbers of the contestant you would like to vote for to “21523”. The voting number for each contestant will displayed during each night's performances. Message and data rates may apply for app download and usage.

  • Haley Mia – Text 1 to 21523

  • Jordan Anthony – Text 2 to 21523

  • Jayna Elise – Text 3 to 21523

  • Julia Gagnon – Text 4 to 21523

  • Kayko – Text 5 to 21523

  • Nya Text 6 to 21523

  • Blake Proehl – Text 7 to 21523

  • Abi Carter Text 8 to 21523

  • Quintavious Text 9 to 21523

  • Kaibrienne "KB" Richins Text 10 to 21523

  • Will Moseley Text 11 to 21523

  • McKenna Faith Breinholt Text 12 to 21523

  • Odell Bunton Jr. Text 13 to 21523

  • Elleigh Marie Text 14 to 21523

  • Mackenzie Sol Text 15 to 21523

  • Jennifer Jeffries Text 16 to 21523

  • Emmy Russell Text 17 to 21523

  • Ajii Text 18 to 21523

  • Kennedy Reid Text 19 to 21523

  • Jack Blocker Text 20 to 21523

  • Roman Collins Text 21 to 21523

  • KBlocks Text 22 to 21523

  • Mia Matthews Text 23 to 21523

  • Triston Harper Text 24 to 21523

American Idol airs Sunday and Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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