Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 8 Recap: Ariana Crosses Paths With Sandoval

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 8 recap
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Welcome back for the Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 8 recap. Last time, Lala and Katie argued at Ally’s astrology party, and Lisa shared a secret about Rachel Leviss. This week’s episode, “Peaks and Valleys,” features Sandoval diving into the dating pool. Here’s everything that you need to know about Pump Rules Season 11, Episode 8!

Weird pool party vibes

Sandoval was prepping to have people over for a party. Don’t worry. Sandoval has Ariana’s permission. After a while, Schwartz left the pool party because he felt uncomfortable. Sandoval had a potential lady friend coming over, and Schwartz did not want to be labeled his “wingman” again.

Schwartz said in his confessional, “I’m so proud that Tom is putting himself out there, but like maybe don’t do it under the same roof of the girl that you cheated on.” In his confessional, Sandoval responded, “I get Schwartz is trying to be diplomatic here, but it’s not like we’re having a f*cking orgy in the living room.”

Then Billie Lee asked Sandoval if he met her girlfriend, Tii. Sandoval and Tii were spotted out last year. Finally, the girls that Sandoval met at SUR, Kait and Michelle, arrived.

If Sandoval had any game, it is gone. While in the pool with the girls, he joked about never being married, then said he’d be married by next year. He also told the girls about his roommate, his ex-girlfriend. The ladies look horrified. Lord, this is cringey.

Lala and Katie talk it out

Katie met with Lala for dinner after their explosive fight the night before. Katie admitted that she went low, and Lala shared that she had done the same. Lala was concerned because the way that she and Katie relate to each other has changed. “Now I’m trying to get soft and heal from trauma because I don’t want to end up a miserable, bitter b*tch,” Lala said. Meanwhile, Katie wasn’t afraid to stay angry.

They also discussed how, when Lala shared her experiences, she wasn’t trying to make it all about her. But Katie said that it can look that way, even if Lala has the best intentions. In the end, they hugged it out.

Does Scheana want to be friends with Sandoval?

The next morning, Ariana surveyed the damage from the party. Sandoval’s assistant, Ann Maddox was trying to clean up.

Scheana stopped by to visit Ariana. In a flashback, Lisa told Ariana that Scheana was upset that Ariana didn’t tell her about being cast on Dancing with the Stars. Ariana questioned why she should have told Scheana if she signed an NDA.

So, Scheana explained that she was happy for Ariana, but sad because she also wanted DWTS. Ariana apologized and said that she should have broken the news personally. However, Ariana was concerned that Scheana was more comfortable speaking to Lisa and Lala than her.

While Scheana considered Ariana “her person,” talking to her has been rough. Then, Scheana broached the subject of Sandoval. She reminded Ariana that before March 1, 2023, he was her good friend for 14 years. Ariana doesn’t enjoy hearing Scheana say that she misses Sandoval.

So, Scheana tried another approach. She proposed that years from now, Sandoval would have done all this work on himself. How would Ariana feel if she decided to be friends with Sandoval then?

Ariana commented in her confessional, “I think Scheana is bringing this up because she 100% has plans to be friends with Tom Sandoval.” And Ariana wasn’t thrilled.

What is Schwartz’s relationship with Jo Wenberg?

Schwartz and Jo Wenberg hung out again. They both have such a goofy sense of humor and have a blast together. “Like I could probably marry Jo and be happy, you know. But I don’t want that right now,” Schwartz said. “I do, but I don’t.” They even went on a swan boat in a park. Super cute for a couple who are absolutely, positively NOT dating.

Ariana and Sandoval are in the same room

Sandoval was at a bar with the gang. Then Ariana and Katie strolled in. Sandoval said hello to Katie and complimented her hair. She thanked him. Awkward! Ariana has resolved to not let Sandoval stop her from seeing her friends. While she hasn’t looked at him, she can feel him looking at her.

Ally told Ariana, Katie, Scheana, and Lala that Jo asked her to do her birth chart. “You in danger, girl,” Ariana said. When Ally said that she knew Jo was “quirky,” Katie dropped the hammer. Katie was steamed about a message that Jo sent her when she announced she was divorcing Schwartz. She claimed that she supported Katie. But a few months later, she was bunking with Katie’s ex-husband. And Katie was still salty about it.

Scheana tries to help Sandoval

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 8
Photo by: Kim White/Bravo

Scheana explained to Sandoval that he should apologize to Katie for negatively impacting Schwartz & Sandys. “You have hurt a lot of people,” Scheana told him, “and if you can just take your ego out of it.”

He replied that it had nothing to do with his ego. After all, it’s not his fault. Sandoval is tired of “being the f*cking scapegoat.”

A frustrated Scheana walked away. So, now James yelled at Sandoval. He reminded him that he was once again burning down any remaining bridges. “I’m not groveling to these motherf*ckers anymore, dude,” Sandoval exclaimed. He dramatically stormed out of the bar.

A close encounter with Sandoval

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 8 recap
Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo

While Ariana and Katie prepped for game night downstairs, Sandoval was working out in the gym. He decided that he would apologize to Katie if it was important to Scheana. He wants to make amends with her and save their friendship.

Ariana received a text from Ann that Sandoval was coming downstairs to make a protein shake, so she baled. How can anyone stand living like this? It is stressing me out, and I’m not even there!

Katie was in the kitchen when Sandoval came down. He apologized to Katie for how he treated her amid her divorce from Schwartz. She told him that words were meaningless. Then she explained how badly he screwed up.

“It’s fathomless, really, to carry on an affair like that,” Katie stated. She explained that she walked away from the man she loved because he couldn’t love her in the way that she needed to be loved. But she didn’t cheat.

Missing Rachel

Sandoval smuggled photos of Rachel into New Zealand while filming Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. “Look how happy we were,” he said as he showed Schwartz the photos.

After losing his friends, and now Rachel, he was struggling. “It really, really f*cking breaks my heart,” Sandoval said, realizing that will never be reunited with Rachel. He stepped into the closet for a quick cry.

Sandoval likened his situation to Scott Peterson. He is the man convicted for allegedly murdering his pregnant wife. What? Just … wow.

A blast from the past

Schwartz got all the guys together to cheer up Sandoval. And then, like magic, he appeared. Jax Taylor was in the house! Sandoval looked furious. Schwartz wanted Jax to give Sandoval some advice about being a lying, cheating d-bag.

Jax told everyone about how he was opening a bar and stated that he wouldn’t ask Schwartz and Sandoval for business advice. Jax told Sandoval that he looked better than he did in a recent photo when he looked 50 years old. Then he ragged on his white nail polish.

Next, Jax said he heard about Sandoval’s situation, and Sandoval slammed Jax for blabbing about it on his podcast. Jax advised him to say he was sorry to everyone, even though it was a “humbling experience.”

Sandoval said, “It must be humbling to only have something interesting to say when you’re talking about me.” Right now, Schwartz was praying for the ground to open up and swallow him. The two men continued to bicker.

Jax called him out for not owning his behavior and called Sandoval “a disgrace.” Jax finally stated that he wouldn’t be there if he didn’t care about Sandoval.

In his confessional, Jax admitted, “I had the best job in the world on Vanderpump Rules. But I let my ego get ahead of myself a little bit, and I f*cked it up.” Finally, Jax and Sandoval hugged.

You can catch Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules on Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.


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