'This is Us' fans can't stop talking about their new favorite character, Beth

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On This Is Us, the gang hit up Sin City for Kate’s bachelorette party and Toby’s bachelor party. Surprisingly, Beth was ready to get lit, while Randall was not.

“Damn, baby, I am feeling Vegas right now!” Beth told Randall. “Let’s do something crazy. Let’s go skydiving. Oh, let’s go take ecstasy and see the magician that got ate by the lion.” But Randall had only one thing on his mind: Deja, their former foster daughter, who showed up at their door just days before asking for cash. And after Beth declared their trip a “Deja-free zone,” Randall told her, “Sorry. I guess I just can’t, what, detach like you can.” Randall also told Beth that she is “the head,” while he is “the heart.”

Randall’s statement, and his disagreement with Beth, ultimately led to a heated argument later in the night, when Randall showed up at the Magic Mike Live Las Vegas show where the ladies were partying. “You’re gonna say I’m heartless,” Beth said. “Because you said I was detached. You said I was the head, and now you’re trying to say I’m heartless because I just want a break from this? From all this?” Randall shouted back, “You know what, Beth? You’re right. The way that you’re reacting to everything that’s happened is perfectly normal. You’re all heart. I should’ve kept this a ‘Deja-free zone,’ as you so heartwarmingly called it. It is what it is, right?”

Fans are usually talking about Jack or the Big Three but, after this week’s episode, they were loving Beth. One person tweeted:

While another tweeted:

And our favorite:

Count us in. Don’t worry, This Is Us fam. Randall and Beth made up in the end, and Sterling K. Brown himself assured us that “they’re going to be JUST fine, no matter what.”

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