Fiery ending to 'This Is Us' has fans throwing away their Crock-Pots

Last week it was smoke detectors and batteries and this week it’s Crock-Pots. We’ve only wanted to know one thing, and now that This Is Us is finally giving us the answer, we’re just not sure we want to know anymore.

“Last Super Bowl with the kids,” Jack Pearson told his wife, Rebecca. Unfortunately, while Jack meant that it would be their last Super Bowl together because the kids were going off to college, we knew that it actually meant the Pearsons’ last Super Bowl together because Jack’s end was near.

The episode, titled “That’ll Be the Day,” ended with Jack being the amazing husband that he is and cleaning up the Super Bowl feast aftermath in the kitchen. The very last thing Jack did was throw a kitchen towel next to the Crock-Pot as he flipped the slow cooker’s switch off. We then learned, in a flashback scene, that the Crock-Pot had been given to Jack and Rebecca by their neighbor George, who had been cleaning out his garage. “Only two years old, but there’s a lot of great family meals been cooked in that. You gotta fiddle with the switch, but it works,” George told them. Their sweet neighbor warned them about needing to fiddle with that switch, and now we know why. Cut back to the night of the last Super Bowl: Suddenly we were watching the beloved Pearson family home go up in flames, while sadly reminiscing on the happiest moments that took place there.

As you could imagine, fans were devastated as they immediately sent out tweets like:

Still, we don’t know exactly how Jack dies. However, according to the preview of next week’s episode, This Is Us will finally answer all our burning questions when it returns after this year’s big game on Feb. 4.

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Check out last week’s This Is Us ending, which had everyone running to the store for batteries:

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