Is this the ultimate grilled cheese recipe?

Fancy vs Basic Grilled Cheese

Video Transcript

- Grilled cheeses are the cornerstone of every diet. And the most important part of the grilled cheese is, of course, the classic cheese pull. But TikTok is obsessed with this new fancy grilled cheese recipe that involves adding brie and blueberry jam to your sandwich. Today, we're going to figure out what the ultimate grilled cheese recipe actually is.


I will literally be measuring the cheese pulls for both of these sandwiches. And the one with the largest cheese pull is ultimately named the best grilled cheese sandwich recipe. For the fancy one, this TikToker used sourdough bread, brie, blueberry jam. And together, we're going to literally measure what the pull-apart difference is between both of these sandwiches.


- What is that?


- It is time for the moment of truth. We're going to start with the TikTok grilled cheese first. One inch. This is the one-inch cheese pull, people. The classic grilled cheese. 17 inches. That is a long, long, long cheese pull.

So ultimately, yes, in terms of cheese pull, a classic grilled cheese with just mozzarella is the winner by far. Really, both of these taste really good. It's all about whether you want the theatrics of blueberry jam or a 42-inch cheese pull. But the real winner here is actually me because now I get to eat two grilled cheese sandwiches.