Trump supporter James Woods says he got dropped by 'liberal' talent agent on July 4

James Woods has been dropped by his “liberal” talent agent.

The outspoken and conservative actor, who is a big supporter of President Donald Trump, shared the very direct email he received from Ken Kaplan on Twitter. Kaplan, whose client list at the Gersh agency includes stars like Kristen Stewart and Winona Ryder, was apparently inspired to dump Woods, 71, on Independence Day.

Woods posted his response on Twitter.

Prior to getting dropped, it was business as usual for Woods on Twitter.

Although Kaplan didn’t explicitly state he was severing ties due to political beliefs, Woods has tweeted before about being “backlisted” from Hollywood over his conservative views.

The twice Oscar-nominated actor was apparently a Democrat for years until about 1999.

From slamming NFL anthem protests, to posts so graphic about abortion that Twitter has had the images removed, the Casino star spends much of his time causing a stir on social media (as Amber Tamblyn can attest to).

Hey, maybe Woods can get a role sans agent in the secret Stacey Dash Roe v. Wade film that just started shooting. We don’t think his beliefs will hinder the anti-abortion film.

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