This touching drag transformation is an homage to ’80s rocker divas

On this episode of Dragged, host Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) helps contestant Taylor honor her late mother by creating a drag persona that pays homage to the rebellious punk rock spirit of the ‘80s.

On the tenth anniversary of her mother’s passing, Taylor is looking to use her mom as an inspiration for her Dragged transformation. “She was an ‘80s rocker diva girly in the New York hair metal scene,” says Taylor. “And I want to pay tribute to her.” Taylor is looking for a “Mötley Crüe energy” filled with intensity and confidence. Feeling inspired and ready to rock, Thorgy and Taylor are ready to kickstart the makeover!

Taylor’s first stop is wardrobe with stylist Blue (@sheisblue_). Blue picks out a jacket and skirt pairing made of two different types of snake skin, creating an edgy outfit with some serious punk vibes.

With her wardrobe in good hands, it’s time for Taylor to get glammed up with makeup artist Elle ( “We’re going ‘80s, so I said ‘blush blush blush,’ and after that, a little more blush,” says Elle. “And then lots of blacks and browns just to get that punk edge.” Elle also adds some shimmer and color to Taylor’s eyes to match the snakeskin outfit, creating a cohesive look that slithers with both grace and attitude.

As the team finishes up Taylor’s hair, makeup, and wardrobe—with some essential punk accessories added to the fray as well—it’s finally time for the debut of Tamara Lee Cackle! “I feel incredible,” says Taylor as she steps out for the first time as Tamara. “I feel so close to my mom right now. She would wear this.”

As for the name? Taylor explains that her mom was a huge fan of the band Mötley Crüe, so “Tamara Lee” is a play on the band’s drummer, Tommy Lee, and she chose “Cackle” because her mom had the “loudest cackle,” a trait that was passed down from mother to daughter, as Taylor happily demonstrates.

“I think she’s looking down and being like, ‘Rock on baby,’” says Thorgy of Taylor’s mom. As Tamara Lee Cackle howls and cackles her way through the studio, it’s clear that Taylor’s tribute to her mom’s spirit was amped up to the max.

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