Today, We Honor Panem's District Heroes


Elias Haan, District 7

Brothers and sisters in the Lumber District; Let us come together in celebration of your fervent efforts to make Panem a truly wonderful nation! To honor your district, the Capitol Ministry of Information has issued this commemorative display as the quintessence of District heroism. May Elias Haan and his introspective wisdom inspire your continued championing of the Capitol’s goals of peace, unity, and the protection of our “One Panem.”

As you tend to the finest forests and provide your fellow brethren with the most beautiful and flawless lumber, remember that the Capitol treasures your dedication to society. It is your duty as a citizen of Panem to protect the system we have worked tirelessly to conceive. Embrace the challenges of strenuous labor, and remember the instrumental role you play in the preservation of our country.

We in the Capitol admire your strength and commend your loyalty. We must all stand as tall as the mighty oaks you fell, and work together to build and preserve a better future.

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