Timeless Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

With the natural beauty of aging comes a change in hair texture and moisture control, but that doesn't mean that younger heads get to have all the fun. When it comes to short hair cuts for women over 50, we've consulted a slew of professionals from across the country to get their advice. There are several styling steps you can take, along with a fresh cut that will ensure your hair is looking and feeling its best. "Hair tends to get drier with age, so using a professional brand's leave-in conditioner after each wash will help to keep the hair from becoming brittle; and it will also allow for better styling results," Janna Wright, a hairstylist at Hair Perfection, with 13 years of experience, in Short Pump, Virginia, says.

Been thinking about taking the plunge with bangs? Curtain bangs are still all over internet style boards right now. "Adding soft, framing bangs are a great way to change up any look," Wright says. Click through this gallery to get your inspiration for the best hairstyles for short hair women over 50.