TikTok has now discovered disco — and the dance videos are infectious

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Disco is finally making a comeback in the "Let's Groove" TikTok trend. Gen Z is whipping out their smooth dance moves to a remix of Earth, Wind & Fire's "Let's Groove". TikToker @absolutesnacc made a fan edit of Jason Segel featuring clips of his character from Freaks and Geeks spliced together. The montage used a remix of "Let's Groove" . Earth, Wind & Fire released the single as the lead for their eleventh studio album Raise! in 1981. During the time, there was a huge disco backlash. The band decided to bring back their disco sound in defiance of the criticism. "Let's Groove" became a commercial success, hitting the top 20 on music charts in multiple countries. As for this new popular remix, @absolutesnacc is credited with coming up with it. The user @menanados did the old school cabbage patch dance to the song in a public restroom. When @isayuuhh danced to the song on a public boardwalk, he was not afraid of causing a scene. Now he is TikTok's new favorite meme. TikToker @k4rmapolice switched up the song to The 1975's "Somebody Else." And yep, @isayuuhh still looked like he was dancing with the music