TikTok mom’s luxurious bath time routine for her baby looks like a trip to the spa

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This TikTok parent shared a sweet video of her baby’s luxurious nighttime routine, and viewers had strong opinions.

TikToker Brittany Xavier (@brittany.xavier) is a busy mom and fashion blogger who often shares videos featuring her baby, Poppy, in addition to fashion-related content. Recently, Xavier posted a video describing Poppy’s nighttime routine, and it looks like a trip to the spa.

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“This is our night routine with Poppy,” Xavier narrates at the beginning of the clip over footage of Poppy adorably smiling and giggling.

“First, I dim the lights,” Xavier explains over the accompanying shot of a sleek, freestanding bathtub.

Next, Xavier warms the bathwater to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, using a thermometer to ensure the exact temperature. Then she adds a few drops of “a gentle bubble bath.”

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Following the bubble bath, Xavier “puts on her favorite music.” A shot of Xavier’s iPhone reveals Poppy’s preferred jam is “Calming Heartbeat Sound for Babies.”

Xavier then explains that she uses an “organic bamboo washcloth to keep Poppy warm while she relaxes, and a gentle cleanser for her little crevices and baby rolls” over footage of Poppy getting scrubbed clean in her bath seat.

“After, I dry her off with her favorite organic cotton towel,” Xavier mentions during a shot of her cooing baby wrapped in a towel with cartoon ramen bowls printed on it. This is followed by a “baby foot massage,” where Xavier rubs Poppy’s tiny feet with natural oil.

Once Poppy’s been moisturized with lotion, Xavier dresses her in a robe and the cutest little flip flop slippers. Finally, her routine concludes with storytime, followed by bedtime.

Viewers had strong opinions over the baby’s decadent bedtime routine, and many were quick to mention the parenting differences that occur between the first and second child.

“This screams first child,” noted one user.

“Tell me she’s your first child without telling me she’s your first child,” said one viewer.

“My mother put me in the same sink she put chicken in,” another user joked.

Regardless of people’s opinions, it’s heartwarming to see a parent take extra good care of their child.

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