TikTok’s "Model Cheekbones" Is the Contouring Hack We Didn’t Know Needed

When you think you've mastered the sculpting contouring makeup hack, TikTok blows glitter in your face letting you know you're still doing it wrong because you're not hip to the latest and greatest trend of the times, which is "model cheekbones."

TikToker Sarah Super Spa was the first to share the viral tip with her followers. In the video, she highlights the wrong way beauty enthusiasts have learned to contour, saying, "the way we're taught is ineffective." The makeup artist notes that to achieve the contoured look effectively, we should place the product under the cheekbone, put it at the right side of the jaw, and pat it into the cheekbone downwards until it creates a V-shaped jawline. Sarah also adds to make the contour pop is to add highlighter or concealer above the application to make the cheekbone pop.

As a beauty editor with naturally shaped contour, the jury is out on the hack. However, with #modelcheekbones amassing over 7.6 million views on TikTok, social media begs to differ. Catch more tutorials below.

@sarahssuperspa Replying to @Kim ?? explanation video sorry this took so long!! Here’s a visual of what I was talking about ❤️❤️ this is for people who want hollow cheeks, sculpted and pronounced cheekbones, and a dainty v shaped jaw ? #bellahadid #modelmakeup #contourhack #contourtutorial #cheekbones ♬ original sound - Sarah’s Super Spa ????‍♀️