TikTok loses it over freakishly large Burger King chicken sandwich

A woman's video of a gigantic Burger King chicken sandwich is going viral on TikTok. In June, Burger King launched its Ch'King sandwich, a fried chicken sandwich topped with pickles, savory sauce and a potato bun. The move was to compete in the so-called "chicken sandwich wars" sparked by the massively successful Popeye's chicken sandwich campaign in 2019. While Burger King's Ch'King is supposed to be a hearty meal, TikToker @taylorprice943 could not have seen this coming. In the clip, a man removed the chicken sandwich from its wrapper. The chicken patty was so enormous and thick, the bun could barely cover it. "It's not supposed to be that big," the man replied. "I've had so many of these". While some users compared it to the extra-large "Mondo Burger" from the Nickelodeon movie Good Burger, others were concerned it could be undercooked. But most people just wanted to poke fun at the rarity. "There's probably another one inside," a user commented