TikTok Brings Back the '90s Siren Lip Trend

By now, we've all heard of the siren eye trend, but completing the sultry look is the viral TikTok siren lip hack.

Don't be fooled -- this lip lining technique has been around for ages, and even more so, it was originally created and popularized by women of color in the 1990s, particularly Black and hispanic women. While over lining one's lips is commonplace today, more recent is the acceptance of wearing much darker lip liner to create that highly coveted sexy and full pout.

What makes siren lips slightly different are the sharp and lifted edges. The deliberate upward corners of the mouth give the appearance that the wearer is smirking, tossing attractive passerbys subtle glances and enchanting everyone in their path. Okay, well, it may not help the handsome stranger at your coffee shop fall in love with you, but the tried and trued makeup method will certainly elevate your overall look and have you feeling like an Old Hollywood bombshell.

To achieve the look, you'll need clear lip gloss and two lip liners -- your usual nude shade and a deep brown option. After making sure your lip liner is razor sharp, line your lips with your normal lip liner. Next, trace the outside of your top lip with the dark brown hue, bringing the outer edge out and slightly flicking it up. While it may make you resemble The Joker -- trust the process.

Once you've fully lined your upper lip and created those coquettish lines, continue lining your soon-to-be sexy pout, connecting the top corners with bottom. Topping it off with a clear or milky nude gloss is the key as it helps to blend everything together. And voilà -- you have siren lips.

Take a look at TikTok user @makeupbyash.x's tutorial below.