This Week in Disney Fan Theories: The 'Frozen'-'Shining' Connection and the 'Toy Story' Villain-Turned-Hero

What is it with Disney movies and conspiracy theories? Following years years of Hidden Mickeys, Pizza Planet trucks, and A113s, we have seen an uptick in dot-connecting in recent months, with hypotheses like Frozen, Little Mermaid, and Tangled all existing within the same universe and Andy’s mom being Jesse’s original owner in Toy Story. Then there’s the brave soul named John Negroni who penned a treatise on how all of the Pixar movies are interconnected.

Two more theories have emerged this week. A quick recap:

1. Frozen and The Shining Are the Same Movie

This one obviously takes some giant leaps, but there are some interesting comparisons made: Arendelle and The Overlook have the same mountainside setting; Elsa and Jack are both locked inside icy confines; and Anna and Danny’s injuries set both films’ stories in motion. Read the full breakdown on author Mary Katherine Ham’s blog.

2. The Toy Story Bully Redemption

One of the more clever cameos in Toy Story 3 came when it was revealed that Andy’s mean next-door neighbor Sid grew up to become a garbage man. It seems we’re supposed to laugh that this toy-torturing bully now has to toil in trash all day, but Reddit user/sanitation expert londongarbageman thinks this actually proves Sid’s redemption: After discovering toys are living creatures at the end of the first Toy Story, he believes Sid took on this career to go all Oskar Schindler and save as many discarded toys as he could. Hmmm. Read more on it on Kotaku.

Photos: Disney, @MKHammer, Kotaku