Easter Egg Hunting, Pixar-Style

Amanda Bell
Yahoo Movies

Pixar Animation Studios has been posting selfies ever since Day 1. Beginning with 1995's "Toy Story," the filmmakers have been inserting little nods to their happy ecosystem in all of the studio's feature films.

After 14 movies, nearly two decades, and countless exhaustive conspiracy fan theories on the hidden meanings of Pixar's in-house tributes and various self-homages, the studio is letting everyone play the Easter egg game in a new app.

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The animation studio launched a seasonally-appropriate "Pixar Easter Egg Challenge" along with a teaser video of director Lee Unkrich ("Toy Story 2," the untitled "Día de los Muertos" project) introducing glimpses at a few of the many cinematic eggs laid throughout the Pixar collection. (Disney tells Yahoo Movies there are nearly 50 different ones to be found in the Disney Movies Anywhere video streaming service app.)

Some are pretty obvious or already well-known here — such as the Luxo Ball which bounces around from "Toy Story" into even the latest "Monsters" installment. The yellow Pizza Planet truck is easily the most prolific of all Pixar eggs and the best known, appearing in every film since the first "Toy Story" installment. The grape soda crossover from a Buzz Lightyear commercial made its way into "Up." And then there's the "Ratatouille" and "Cars 2" restaurant similarities. Those are pretty much the softballs of the clip.

According to Unkrich, though, "you've got to look really hard" for some of the others. 

"[Some of] these Easter eggs can be hard to find, they go by fast. You really have to pay attention," says Unkrich of the more obscure Pixar self-references.

Some of the lesser-known connections revealed in the video include the "Wall-E" Buy-N-Large reference in "Toy Story 3," the mime from "Ratatouille" being Bomb Voyage from "The Incredibles," and a kid reading about Mr. Incredible in the "Finding Nemo" dental office.

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It's worth noting that the timing of Pixar's video challenge is probably not a coincidence, seeing as this is poised to be an uncharacteristically dry year for the Disney-owned studio.

Due to not-so-slight production hiccups last fall their "The Good Dinosaur" and "Finding Dory" projects were pushed back, leaving zilch on their release roster 'til June, 2015's "Inside Out." So this is a good way to keep the faithful viewership entertained – at least for a little while.

Happy hunting.