There's Never Been a Better Time to Buy an Echelon Exercise Bike

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Photo credit: Echelon
Photo credit: Echelon

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Considering the fact that we're well into 2021 (I mean, don't look now, but the holidays will be here before you know it) odds are you've perfected your home gym. But in case you're still looking for that final touch or you're looking for an upgrade, I have very good news for you. Echelon’s Connect Sport bike—along with some other very good options—is currently on sale at Walmart. Finding this bike in stock is a rarity in itself, so the fact that it's discounted right now is noteworthy.

Even better? The Walmart-exclusive indoor cycling bike not only comes with a free 30-day trial of the Echelon United membership for its Echelon Fit app, but it ships for free. (Normally, ordering from Echelon’s site comes with a $199.99 premium delivery free.)

If you've long coveted a Peloton but aren't willing to fork up a month's rent for your fitness goals, Echelon Connect Sport is one of the most reviewer-loved budget indoor cycling bike options out there. 93% of Walmart reviewers recommend this model.

Aside from costing the fraction of Peloton's price tag, the Echelon Connect Sport arrives fast. That means no month-long waitlists. You'll have to assemble it yourself, though every tool you'll need to do so is included and most reviewers on Walmart and Youtube agree this process takes no more than 30 minutes. For an optimal riding experience, it's also worth noting that having a tablet is ideal as the Echelon Sport Connect doesn't include a tablet or a display screen. Another drawback to its more affordable price tag, as noted by a few reviewers, is that there isn't a bar built in to hold weights. (Though, that's nothing a little creativity and side table rearranging can't solve.)

When it comes to performance, the Echelon Connect Sport makes it easy to track your progress through letting you know your cadence, calories burned, output, and distance if you've set up a profile with Echelon's United Fit App. Though this app offers thousands of classes, a handful of reviewers mention that they've instead opted to use the bike with Peloton's app, which is an option as well. With 32 resistance settings, free shipping and a price tag that isn't soul-crushing, now's as good a time as ever to take this affordable Echelon model for a spin while it's still in stock.

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