The Cast of 'Kong: Skull Island' Decides What Giant Creature Would Be Scariest

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The titular Kong in Kong: Skull Island is quite big and definitely fearsome, but is an ape the scariest animal you could choose to make bigger? It’s possible, but Yahoo Movies decided to ask the cast of the anticipated film what animal they think would be the scariest if got super-sized.

Tom Hiddleston.
Tom Hiddleston doesn’t want any giant catfish coming his way. (Photo: Yahoo)

“Imagine seeing a catfish that size,” Tom Hiddleston told our Khail Anonymous. “Imagine you’re swimming in the ocean and a giant catfish the size of Kong [shows up]. I think it’s because I recently saw a documentary. Apparently there are catfish that have been reintroduced into the Tiber in Rome, and they’re starting to feed on the pigeons.”

“I’m kind of freaked about the idea of a giant centipede,” admitted Brie Larson. “It just seems like that’s a lot [of legs]. It’s the thing, when they’re small, you’re like, ‘That’s not so bad.’ But then big, that’s really screwed up, and I don’t want to see that.”

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