'Avengers: Infinity War': Thanos brings the pain, Spidey brings the laughs in final trailer

This summer will be filled with outsize blockbusters, but for sheer scale, nothing will touch Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel Studios’ years-in-the-making epic that brings together virtually all of its myriad superheroes in one titanic battle against Josh Brolin’s villainous Thanos. Joe and Anthony Russo’s eagerly anticipated adventure should squash the box-office competition when it premieres in April (having moved up its release date from May), and though footage of the film has so far been scant, that all changed this morning, when it debuted its jaw-dropping final full-length theatrical trailer and jam-packed poster.

Given that its premise sells itself, Avengers: Infinity War needs no spoiler-filled promos to get audiences into the multiplex. That said, the above clip (arriving on the heels of its well-received teaser) is definitely going to amplify anticipation for the upcoming effort, given that it provides a series of eye-opening sights designed to create further excitement about what, precisely, is going to happen in the Avengers’ battle against the world-conquering, Infinity Stone-coveting Thanos.

In just over two minutes, the clip delivers moments featuring just about everyone involved in the jam-packed proceedings, including Chris Pratt’s Star Lord telling Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark that his plan “sucks,” Tom Hiddleston’s Loki standing with Thanos’s Black Order, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man meeting Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange (and learning that they’re using their “made-up names”), Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther joining forces with Chris Evans’s Captain America, and — most thrilling of all — the sight of Cap engaging in outright hand-to-hand combat with Thanos and showing off a feat of Herculean strength that’s at once terrifying and thrilling.

Even that’s just scratching the surface of this latest look at the who’s-who extravaganza (new Iron Man tech! Dr. Strange being tortured! The Hulkbuster!), which has naturally been greeted with unbridled enthusiasm from fans:

If excitement was the initial reaction to the above trailer, fear soon followed thanks, in large part, to certain moments and lines of dialogue that seemed to confirm the widespread rumor that some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are fated to die in the forthcoming film.

Theories as to when events take place — and how that might suggest Thanos’s success in his quest also abound, as evidenced by the below tweet:

And what of those Avengers not seen in the trailer or the poster namely the diminutive Ant-Man and ace archer Hawkeye, the latter of whom was revealed to be semi-retired in the new Infinity War prelude comic series, but is nonetheless expected to factor into the film?

Eagle-eyed fans also noticed that the above poster’s cast list indicates that Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts, Idris Elba’s Heimdall, and Benicio Del Toro’s Collector will also be playing a part in the saga. But most intriguing of all is confirmation that Peter Dinklage will be participating in a role that’s yet to be specified. Not that people don’t have some guesses:

Starring just about everyone who’s ever appeared in a Marvel movie (give or take a few), Avengers: Infinity War smashes into theaters on April 27.

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