Thanks to Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson and pot are on the road again

It looks like Woody Harrelson’s attempt to quit smoking pot has gone up in smoke after a visit with Willie Nelson. The Solo: A Star Wars Story star, known to many as an avid cannabis user, made headlines after announcing in 2017 that he’d no longer smoke.

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Harrelson said, “I quit for almost two years. No smoking, no vaping. Every once in a while you might have something edible. I’m not a nun.”

Harrelson told DeGeneres that he would occasionally visit Willie Nelson, the legendary country music artist with an equally legendarily love of weed. Nelson generously offered his own branded vape pens, and Harrelson politely declined.

However, the seed was planted in Harrelson’s head that he needed to smoke some of “Willie’s Reserve.” So, after a particularly good hand of poker with Nelson, Harrelson celebrated with a puff. Nelson remarked, “Welcome home, son.”

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