If You Have Textured Hair, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Micro-Link and Tape-In Hair Extensions

Even with the C.R.O.W.N act and the surface level of acceptance regarding textured hair on Black and Brown women, there's still an unspoken "thing" of natural hair. No one speaks of how hard it is for some without the patience, the tools and necessary education to take care of their tresses in its natural state.

For those who wish to enhance the appearance of textured tresses there are numerous tricks and tips, however we want to ensure the longevity and health of the hair. Most women of color believe hair extensions are a gentle and unique approach to dealing with hair issues. Depending on the exact look or occasion, some women want to increase volume and thickness while others desire more length. This is where Micro links and tape-in hair extensions come into play. It may be true that these extensions are the easiest way to enhance the overall appearance of the hair, but for those with textured hair, we recommend proceeding with caution.

Micro links and tape-ins are by far the most popular hair market current trends. If you have textured hair, keep reading for everything you need to know about them.

What are Micro link extensions?

Micro links also referred to as microbeads, are extensions with minute metallic tubes. These tubes are crimped once the natural hair strands are secured to install them. These non-glue extensions are virtually invisible as the tube caps are colored black or brown to diffuse into the color of the hair.

Things to note:

Micro links shouldn't be considered a "protective style" for your hair. If left in for too long, the links can cause breakage at the rot from matting. We also suggest buying links that truly match your curls and texture for the safest effect.

What are Tape-ins?

Tape-in extensions are pre-taped threads of hair with a thin medical-grade bonding mechanism. Each tape-in measures 1 and 1.5 inches in width and is attached to the natural hair by keeping them in between. These hair extensions are usually installed without using any chemicals or tools.

Things to note:

As a former hairstylist turned editor, I would never recommend that anyone with textured or unreleaxed hair have tape-ins installed as they can cause extreme breakage and damage.

Overall, we're not against any of these trends, but we want to advise going to a licensed and trained professional to have these trends installed as they will ultimately know the best and healthiest way to help you achieve the look you want still have hair left over.