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Tear-jerking video shows fertility clinic doctor share pregnancy news with couple who underwent IVF

A video of a fertility clinic doctor sharing good news with two of his patients who struggled to conceive is tugging at heartstrings online.

Coastal Fertility Medical Center, located in Irvine, Calif., shared the touching footage on TikTok, where it has since been viewed over 5.1 million times across two separate posts. The video depicts Dr. Lawrence B. Werlin, the founder and medical director of the clinic, making a phone call to two newly expectant parents, Carlie and Nima, who had undergone in vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to increase their chances of conceiving.

“Where’s your girl?” Dr. Werlin asks Nima. “Get her on the line, buddy!”

Once Carlie joins the line, Dr. Werlin counts down from three, and the entire clinic staff shouts “You’re pregnant!” in unison, before bursting out in applause and cheers.

The chorus is met by screams of joy from the mother-to-be.

The video also elicited an emotional reaction from TikTok users, who were moved by the patient’s palpable joy and relief that the IVF treatments, which are costly and can be physically and emotionally exhausting, were successful.

“Instant tears,” one user wrote. “That is such a wonderful way to be told.”

“You know he LIVES to make these calls,” said another.

“Not me sobbing hearing her so excited over the phone,” commented a third.

Julianna Nikolic, the corporate vice president of Costal Fertility, told In The Know that the now-famous “you’re pregnant!” call is “a trademark of Dr. Werlin and Coastal Fertility.”

“We have celebrated every IVF patient pregnancy with a congratulatory call since 1982,” Nikolic shared. “Upon receiving positive pregnancy results, Dr. Werlin insists on having the entire staff gather and personally calling the patients to congratulate them.”

Carlie, the female patient on the receiving end of the viral phone call, told In The Know that hearing those two words “was the most wonderful thing in the world.”

“We were so nervous when the doctor called but became so extremely happy when we learned I was pregnant,” she shared. “IVF is definitely a process with all the bloodwork and shots but it’s definitely worth it. The first time we did it, it didn’t take, but Dr. Werlin was very encouraging and said it sometimes takes more than once. We were disappointed at first but still very hopeful that it would happen the next time around, and sure enough, we got pregnant with our amazing and beautiful son.”

She also said that it was “surreal and exciting” for her and her partner to be able to share their pregnancy joy with millions of viewers on TikTok.

“It’s so crazy how many people watched the video and enjoyed it,” Carlie added. “I enjoyed reading all the sweet comments.”

According to Dr. Werlin, struggling to achieve a pregnancy is not an uncommon phenomenon — no matter the age of the hopeful parents.

“Typically, as you get older it becomes more difficult to achieve a pregnancy,” he told In The Know. “However, about 15% of the reproductive population has difficulty in achieving a pregnancy regardless of age.”

Dr. Werlin advises that any prospective parent becomes educated about the various risk factors for and causes of infertility, as well as potential treatments.

He also suggests that anyone who may feel guilt or shame over their struggle realized that they are not alone and that the best thing they can do is equip themselves with accurate information regarding infertility.

“Many times, couples will be uncomfortable in discussing their trials at trying to achieve a pregnancy because of shame or social stigma,” Dr. Werlin said. “This should not be a concern for the couple. It is important for them to be educated and have a clear understanding of how to successfully achieve a pregnancy.”

Carlie echoed the same sentiment, urging hopeful parents to “never give up hope.”

“Always think positive,” she said. “Even in times when it seems very hard or hopeless.”

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