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  • Sean Astin on Mom Patty Duke’s Bipolar Disorder: ‘We Were All in the Storm Together’

    Patty Duke sought to raise public awareness of mental health issues when she shared her bipolar diagnosis with the world in her 1987 memoir, Call Me Anna. But for son Sean Astin, his late mother’s mental health struggle was deeply personal. And now, after her death Tuesday at 69, the actor tells PEOPLE that even through the darkest depths of her illness, there was never any doubt of her unrelenting affection. “It wasn’t always pretty and it wasn’t always fun. But there was a lot of love,” says Astin, 45. ...

  • Sean Astin Pays Tribute to Late Mother Patty Duke

    Following Patty Duke’s death Tuesday at age 69, Sean Astin paid tribute to his mother on Facebook. Besides her work as a renowned actress, she was a tireless advocate on behalf of people with mental health issues.

  • Sean Astin on His Ideas For a ‘Goonies’ Sequel and Growing Christian Film Career

    Sean Astin at the premiere of ‘The Strain’ In a career that now stretches more than three decades, Sean Astin has starred in a beloved childhood classic (The Goonies), a quintessential sports film (Rudy) and one of the most successful film franchises in history (The Lord of the Rings). Now, at 44 years old, Astin is investing much of his time in a smaller (yet growing) genre: Christian films. This weekend, Astin stars in Woodlawn, his third Christian-themed movie in three years,and a true story in which he plays the traveling minister named Hank Erwin. The film was written and directed by Erwin’s sons, Andrew and Jon, Birmingham-based filmmakers also directed Astin in the 2014 Christian family comedy Mom’s Night Out.   A father of three, Astin was drawn to the material by both his relationship with the filmmakers and the appeal of working on a film that so emphasizes family (when he called up Yahoo Movies last week, Astin — the son of actress Patty Duke — was on his way to Boston to see his oldest daughter perform in a college play).