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  • Michael Fassbender Does the Worm for Jessica Chastain

    Michael Fassbender said he would have loved for his Prometheus character, David, a sophisticated android, to have ended the film doing the robot.

  • Diane Keaton Kisses Jessica Chastain, Kevin Bacon, and Graham Norton

    Diane Keaton loves to do kissing scenes. She can’t get enough of them. She talked about it on The Graham Norton Show, saying, “It’s just the greatest. There’s nothing better than kissing a man in a movie. People say that’s difficult, but they’re wrong.”

  • ‘Star Wars’ Star John Boyega Bought Some Truly Hideous House Decor With His Money

    Since exploding onto the scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, actor John Boyega has definitely seen an increase in his cash flow, and on The Graham Norton Show, we got to take a little peek inside Boyega’s house at some of the very … interesting items he’s been spending his money on.

  • Harry Styles Gets Grilled About Outlandish Obama ‘Sexual Relationship’ Rumor

    On Friday, Graham Norton sat Harry Styles down for a round of Deadpan Challenge, in which he reads headlines about his guest and tries to determine what’s true.

  • Morgan Freeman Channels ‘Shawshank’ Character in Hilarious ‘Graham Norton Show’ Narration (Video)

    “I must admit, I didn’t think much of Graham Norton the first time I laid eyes on him,” Morgan Freeman joked while narrating his appearance.

  • Ian McKellen Jokes About Not Joining His X-Men Buddies in 'Logan'

    Logan co-stars Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman were guests on the Graham Norton Show alongside their erstwhile X-Men franchise friend, Ian McKellen. Over the past 17 years, Jackman has played Wolverine, Stewart has played Professor X, and McKellen has played Magneto. Sometimes all three are in one of the X-Men movies, like 2014’s Days of Future Past; sometimes they’re not, which is the case with this year’s Logan.  Host Graham Norton asked why McKellen was the only one of the three not in it.

  • Keanu Reeves Questions Jamie Dornan About Shooting Sex Scenes for ‘50 Shades’

    On a recent visit to the Graham Norton Show, Keanu Reeves had some questions for Jamie Dornan, aka Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades movies. Reeves was particularly curious about how the directors and actors shot the many, many sex scenes in the 50 Shades franchise, specifically how much direction on vocalization Dornan received when it came time for … those scenes to wrap up.

  • Ryan Gosling Regrets His Outfit in This Very Old Dance Video

    Long before Ryan Gosling was cutting a rug in "La La Land," he was a young man wearing Hammer pants (the style made famous by MC Hammer) as the only boy in a young dance troupe. Gosling joined The Graham Norton Show on Friday where, fortunately for us, Norton had footage of him starring in one of the troupe’s numbers. Gosling doesn’t necessarily regret his performance in the clip, but the outfit?

  • Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy Make Your 'X-Men' Shipping Dreams Come True

    One of the biggest subplots of the recent X-Men franchise is the romantic tension between Professor X and Magneto. According to some people, at least. When James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were guests on The Graham Norton Show, the two were presented with how their onscreen relationship is viewed by some fans.

  • Will Smith, Helen Mirren, and Martin Freeman on the Perils of Using Public Restrooms as a Celeb

    On The Graham Norton Show, an all-star panel, including Will Smith, Dame Helen Mirren, and Martin Freeman discussed the strangest places they’ve ever been recognized. You’re just confirming the irrational bathroom fears that I spent three years in therapy trying to overcome.” But Will Smith’s got an even worse scenario in mind: having the dude next to you at the urinals try to chat you up midstream. Martin Freeman agrees, citing the time he had two fellows evaluate him in tandem while at the stalls.

  • Chris Pratt’s Magic Trick Goes Poorly ... or Does It?

    Chris Pratt was on The Graham Norton Show, alongside his Passengers co-star, Jennifer Lawrence, and the Black Eyed Pea (and sometimes hologram), and was asked to do a magic trick.

  • Tom Hanks Says Clint Eastwood ‘Treats His Actors Like Horses’

    Tom Hanks was on the Graham Norton Show and shared what it was like to work with Clint Eastwood. Hanks, who stars in Eastwood’s latest movie, Sully, said that the Hollywood icon’s experience starring as Rowdy Yates on Rawhide influenced how he directs. “He had all these directors there who directed movies who made a big deal about yelling ‘Action,’” explained Hanks, who then proceeded to mock-holler as though he were one of those directors from cinema’s early days.

  • Tom Hanks Recites 'Forrest Gump' Line for Olympic Great Mo Farah on 'Graham Norton'

    Tom Hanks was on The Graham Norton Show alongside the Olympic great Mo Farah, a British distance runner. Because of this, Norton asked Hanks to recite his line from Forrest Gump where he discovers his love of running: “Now you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but I can run like the wind blows. From that day on, if I was going somewhere, I was running.”

  • That Time Sting Got Stung

    The legendary musician and halftime act of the 2016 NBA All-Star Game, Sting, was on The Graham Norton Show and talked about how the tables were turned on him when he got stung by a bee.

  • Tom Cruise Responds to 'Top Gun 2' Rumors

    Tom Cruise was on The Graham Norton Show to promote his latest Jack Reacher film and was asked by the British talk show host about another movie sequel. “Is it true there’s going to be a Top Gun 2?” Norton asked. “No,” replied Cruise flatly.

  • ‘GoT’ Star and ‘Friends’ Superfan Emilia Clarke Geeks Out Over Matt LeBlanc

    Emilia Clarke and Matt LeBlanc joined The Graham Norton Show where Clarke quickly began to geek out over the former Friends star. Clarke was unable to even speak to LeBlanc without blushing, causing Norton to say, “Emilia Clarke loves Matt Leblanc” in the fashion one child would tease another. LeBlanc on the other hand, did not geek out over Clarke, aka Daenerys Targaryen, as so many Game of Thrones fans would, because he hasn’t watched the show since season one.

  • The Cast of ‘Batman v Superman’ Try Out the Batman Voice

    Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, and Henry Cavill were on The Graham Norton Show promoting Batman v Superman when Batman’s modulated voice came up.