Margot Robbie tattoos a crew member on 'The Graham Norton Show'

On the season premiere of The Graham Norton Show, Margot Robbie got the chance to show off her tattooing skills on one of the show’s more-than-willing crew members. Robbie famously honed her tattooing acumen on her co-stars while filming Suicide Squad, and she claims she has now tattooed roughly 100 people, though the tats are admittedly simple.

Margot Robbie gave a crew member a “toemoji” tattoo on <em>The Graham Norton Show</em>. (Photo: BBC)
Margot Robbie gave a crew member a “toemoji” tattoo on The Graham Norton Show. (Photo: BBC)

When the idea to tattoo someone on camera first came up, another guest on the show, Harrison Ford, made Robbie truly believe he was willing to be her canvas.

So Robbie had to settle for the crew member, who probably should have backed out. Robbie gave him more than enough reason to reconsider.

“I actually haven’t done one for a while. I’m sorry. I’m probably more nervous than you are, to be honest,” Robbie said. She added right before starting, “I was going to say my hands are shaking, but you don’t want to hear that.”

Once the tattoo was underway, Norton pointed out how much Robbie seemed to be enjoying herself. Her response was not something someone wants to hear a tattoo artist say after she’s already touched ink to skin.

“I like it. I really do. I’m not particularly good, but I like doing it,” Robbie said.

When she finished, the crew member had what Robbie refers to as a toemoji: a smiley face on the bottom of his big toe.

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