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  • British actor says 'a transgender Bond would be cool' because 'there are a lot of transgender people in the army'

    In a new interview, actor Dominic West said casting a trans person as James Bond is “actually a brilliant idea."

  • ‘Les Misérables’ Trailer: First Look At Dominic West, David Oyelowo & Lily Collins In BBC-Masterpiece Adaptation

    <a href="" id="auto-tag_pbs">PBS</a>’ <a href="" id="auto-tag_masterpiece">Masterpiece</a> has released the first trailer for Les Misérables, the upcoming six-part event adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic novel, set for premiere on Masterpiece in 2019. A co-production from Lookout Point and <a href="" id="auto-tag_bbc">BBC</a> Studios, the drama stars Dominic West as Jean Valjean, David Oyelowo as Javert, Lily Collins as Fantine and Adeel Akhtar and Olivia Colman as Monsieur and Madame Thénardier. Penned by Andrew Davies (Pride & Prejudice), the non-musical adaptation of the…

  • 'The Square,' Palme d'Or winner at Cannes, skewers art world pretensions in first trailer

    First U.S. trailer for 'The Square,' winner of the Palme d'Or at this year's Cannes Film Festival, starring Elisabeth Moss, Dominic West, and Terry Notary

  • ‘The Affair’ Review: Noah Turns Into a Madman

    As of this past Sunday, we are halfway through the third season of The Affair, and the affairs of the main characters are in disarray, as is the series itself. Remember when this show started and it adhered to a pretty strict, he-remembers/she-remembers structure in telling the stories of its four main characters: Noah (Dominic West), Helen (Maura Tierney), Alison (Ruth Wilson), and Cole (Joshua Jackson)? Well, that framework was dismantled a while ago — or, rather, I should say, you still have scenes introduced as “Part 1: Alison” or “Part 2: Noah,” but the show plays fast and loose with the content of those scenes.

  • ‘The Affair’ Gets Darker, and French-ier, in Season 3

    In the end, Noah — who’d spent the season being pilloried by seemingly every character, and every viewer, as being a selfish pig — pulled together some combination of heroism, gallantry, and idiocy, and took the fall for Scotty’s death, and was headed off to jail. As Season 3 begins, Noah is out of the clink, years have passed, his marriage with Alison has hit a rough patch, he’s still squabbling with Helen (Tierney does some of the best squabbling in the business), and he’s relying on the kindness of his sister (Jennifer Esposito). Among other things, we get flashbacks to his prison time, when he encounters a guard named Gunther, played by Brendan Fraser, who has a curious obsession with Noah.

  • ‘The Affair’ Review: Whose POV Do You Believe?

    Now we know: Helen and Cole are shown to be the complex people we suspected, with their own takes on the anguish hurt spouses suffer.  Related: Watch the Full Season 2 Premiere of ‘The Affair’ Here The premiere includes a lengthy marriage mediation session for Helen and Noah with a slippery mediator played with great skill by Jeremy Shamos. The script by series producer Sarah Treem pushed me nearly beyond my capability to accept that the same meeting could yield such differing memories by Noah and Helen, but, okay, I’ll buy into it for the sake of the wonderful acting being done here.

  • 'The Affair' Full Episode: Watch the Season 2 Premiere Before Its Showtime Debut

    Spoiler alert: Noah (Dominic West) and Alison (Ruth Wilson) continue their relationship — the one that began as the titular extramarital affair during the first season of the 2015 Golden Globe winner for best TV drama — in Season 2. * There are several twists in the premiere (see “jail” and “new mama” above), but one of the most jarring surprises comes with the reveal of a new, and very graphic, relationship that will shed more light on Noah and Helen’s history.