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  • Megyn Kelly Launches Independent Media Company, Will Start Podcast

    Megyn Kelly isn't on a mainstream news outlet at present, but that isn't going to keep her from broadcasting. The former NBC News and Fox News Channel anchor confirmed Thursday what many media-industry observers have long suspected: She's going the independent route. Kelly will launch Devil May Care Media, a production company that will back […]

  • Calls to boycott A&E over 'Live PD' cancellation are met with opposition

    A&E, along with MGM’s Big Fish Entertainment, which produced the show, announced Wednesday that a decision had been reached to cancel “Live PD”

  • Megyn Kelly rails against censorship after 'Gone With the Wind' pulled, cop shows shelved: 'If you don't like it, don't watch'

    Megyn Kelly criticized HBO Max’s decision to temporarily remove "Gone With the Wind" from its library.

  • Jimmy Fallon apologizes for blackface 'SNL' sketch: 'There is no excuse for this'

    Originally aired in 2000, the sketch features Fallon playing fellow "Saturday Night Live" veteran, Chris Rock.

  • Tara Reade opens up about Joe Biden sexual assault allegations in interview with Megyn Kelly

    Biden's former Senate aide has accused him of assaulting her in 1993.

  • Megyn Kelly Sets Interview With Joe Biden Accuser Tara Reade

    Megyn Kelly will interview Tara Reade, the former Joe Biden staffer who has accused the former vice president of sexual assault. Kelly announced the sit-down on her Twitter account on Thursday, teasing "a ton of news" through tough questions in "a riveting exchange." An airdate was not announced for the interview, which Kelly will host […]

  • Megyn Kelly Attacks Don Lemon: ‘CNN Still Pretends He Is an Objective News Anchor’

    Megyn Kelly hasn’t been back on television since her 2018 ouster from her NBC talk show, but she still has plenty to say about the industry and those who still do the job she once held. On Monday, the former Fox News anchor accused CNN’s Don Lemon of being biased.“CNN still pretends he is an objective news anchor (yeah, sure) while the msm recoils in horror at the bias of Fox/OANN, etc. Who do they think they’re kidding?” she tweeted, linking to an article about Lemon’s on-air frustration over President Donald Trump’s use of White House coronavirus pressers to lecture journalists.  (In Kelly’s tweet “msm” refers to “mainstream media.”)Also Read: CNN's Don Lemon Cries Over Chris Cuomo's Coronavirus DiagnosisKelly has briefly resurfaced a few times over the past few months, usually to address issues of workplace sexual harassment. She trended briefly on Twitter Tuesday morning for the comments about Lemon, who anchors in primetime, just as she did when she was at Fox News. When she was at Fox News, “The Kelly File” aired at 9 p.m. ET, while Lemon’s “CNN Tonight” aired a 10 p.m. ET.Lemon is no stranger to headlines about his news delivery, especially when he has a personal connection to stories. Last week, he cried over colleague Chris Cuomo’s coronavirus diagnosis.A representative for Lemon did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Kelly’s tweet, which you can see below.CNN still pretends he is an objective news anchor (yeah, sure) while the msm recoils in horror at the bias of Fox/OANN, etc. Who do they think they’re kidding?— Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) April 7, 2020Read original story Megyn Kelly Attacks Don Lemon: ‘CNN Still Pretends He Is an Objective News Anchor’ At TheWrap

  • Watch never-seen-before footage of Charlize Theron's Oscar-winning 'Bombshell' makeup artist turning her into Megyn Kelly (exclusive)

    Makeup artist Kazu Hiro won his second Academy Award in three years for his work on "Bombshell."

  • Megyn Kelly’s Mom Wanted to Be in ‘Bombshell’ – and You’ll Never Guess Who She Wanted to Play Her (Video)

    Megyn Kelly’s mother was rather excited when she learned that a movie (“Bombshell”) was being made that revolved around her famous daughter’s time at Fox News. So excited, in fact, that Mom had a recommendation about who could play her in the film.“There was an incident early on where my mom, who lives in upstate New York where I’m from, called me up and she said, ‘Why don’t you tell me they were making a movie about you?'” Kelly recalled on Friday’s “Real Time With Bill Maher.”“I’m like, ‘Ma I don’t know anything about it.’ She goes, ‘I want Stormy Daniels to play me,'” Kelly said laughing. “So I have no clout. She didn’t get a role. She was disappointed.”Also Read: Megyn Kelly Calls 'Bombshell' an 'Incredibly Emotional Experience'Later on, Mom went to the theater to see “Bombshell,” in which Charlize Theron earned an Oscar nomination in her role as, yes, Megyn Kelly.“And then she tells me, she goes, ‘When I stood up in the theater and told everyone I was your mother, they said very nice things about you,'” Kelly said, grinning. “I’m like, ‘Oh for the love of God.'”Kelly opened up to Maher about her exit from Fox News and how the state of the media weighed heavy on her.“I miss sort of being a voice of reason in the storm because there’s so much hysteria in the media for and against,” she said. “And when I left “The Kelly File,” I remember feeling like I might have a societal obligation to stay because I did owe it to my audience to separate the wheat from the chaff and I thought I did a good job of it. But I have three little people who I owe more to,” she added, referring to her kids Yates, Yardley and Thatcher.Also Read: Megyn Kelly on Her Public Resurfacing: 'I've Chosen to Speak Up for Women Being Harassed and Abused'Kelly said she found the “messed up” and “biased” media “disheartening,” saying she felt that way “for a long time, not just since Trump.”Maher noted her very public ouster from NBC after her on-air comment about the appropriateness of blackface as part of Halloween costumes. He defended her, saying he didn’t think what she said was “that awful.”“I mean, you even apologized for something that I didn’t think was that awful,” he said. 
It’s like, why can’t you just say, ‘OK, I was a little inartful about how I expressed that. My bad. I’m sorry move on with our lives.’ Instead of, ‘No, you have to go away for all time.’ Wow well who are these perfect people who have never made any mistake?”Watch Kelly’s entire interview with Maher in the video at the top.Read original story Megyn Kelly’s Mom Wanted to Be in ‘Bombshell’ – and You’ll Never Guess Who She Wanted to Play Her (Video) At TheWrap

  • ‘Bombshell’: Charlize Theron Says Megyn Kelly’s Reaction Video Was ‘Validating’

    The actress spoke during the Producers Guild of America (PGA) awards on Saturday night, where she accepted the Stanley Kramer Award.

  • Meghan McCain reacts to op-ed calling her 'a problem' on 'The View'

    Yes, Meghan McCain has seen the New York Times op-ed calling her “a problem” on The View.

  • Charlize Theron Calls Megyn Kelly’s Reaction to ‘Bombshell’ ‘Validating’ After Oscar Nomination

    Charlize Theron isn’t just “grateful” to the Academy for recognizing the work she did on “Bombshell.” Theron also said she was incredibly moved to get a positive review from the very woman she portrayed for her Oscar-nominated performance: Megyn Kelly.“We were all incredibly moved,” Theron told TheWrap following her Oscar nomination. “It was definitely something, we were all, all of us, the producers, the filmmakers, the entire crew, we worked incredibly hard to be as accurate as we possibly could, and to see that video it was incredibly emotional for all of us. And then it felt very validating.”Kelly revealed in a December Instagram post that she had finally seen “Bombshell” and called it an “incredibly emotional experience.” However, on her YouTube channel Friday, it became clear how deeply she was affected by the film.Also Read: Megyn Kelly Says She Twirled at Roger Ailes' Request: 'God Help Me, I Did It'Kelly watched the film and reacted to it along with former Fox News employees Juliet Huddy, Rudi Bakhtiar and Julie Zann, as well as her husband Doug Brunt (played in “Bombshell” by Mark Duplass). The panel agreed that “Bombshell” captured what it felt like to be harassed, specifically within Fox News and by Roger Ailes. And after seeing their response, Theron said their words were moving and “validating” for herself and all of the filmmakers.“How powerful it felt that they acknowledged that they felt that the essence of this film really represented how it felt to work there and be sexually harassed there,” Theron said. “And that was ultimately what we wanted to get right. For us, that felt very validating.”That said, Kelly said that director Jay Roach and screenwriter Charles Randolph did take some liberties with the material and even got some facts wrong. And the panel added that it was “surreal” to watch a movie told about their experience in which they had no involvement. But Kelly admitted that she did in fact twirl or spin at Ailes’ request, as it’s shown in the film.Also Read: Oscars 2020: Women Scored Record 31% of Nominations Overall Despite Female Director SnubTheron didn’t have time to get into the specifics of what Kelly said were inaccuracies in the film except to say that she as a producer and the rest of the cast and crew worked incredibly hard to get every detail right.Theron’s nomination was one of three “Bombshell” took home on Monday morning, including another for Margot Robbie for Best Supporting Actress and one for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. Theron added that her nomination is meant for the “whole army” behind her and hopes that the nominations can inspire more people to see an important film.“This movie really is important. I believe that in every part of my body. These stories especially, what happened to the women in Fox, and really to all the women out there who have experienced harassment in the workplace, I do feel like it’s so timely and there’s this catharsis happening around this film that’s just so powerful to witness,” Theron said. “If this makes anyone want to go see this movie a little more, I’m glad to see that.”Watch Kelly’s full video here.Read original story Charlize Theron Calls Megyn Kelly’s Reaction to ‘Bombshell’ ‘Validating’ After Oscar Nomination At TheWrap

  • Megyn Kelly calls out victim-shaming scene in 'Bombshell' but says, 'I do wish I had done more'

    Megyn Kelly reflects on whether she could have done more about the sexual harassment going on at Fox News.

  • Megyn Kelly talks about how ‘demeaning’ it was having to ‘spin’ for former Fox News honcho Roger Ailes — as her husband tearfully looks on

    “I was asked to do the spin… and God help me I did it,” Kelly admitted.

  • Megyn Kelly slams Colin Kaepernick's Iran tweet: 'I will not be shamed over calling out bull**** claims of racism'

    Director Ava DuVernay called the former Fox News host "ignorant" and "desperate" for weighing in on racism.

  • Megyn Kelly Says President Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial Is 'Rigged' in New Interview

    Megyn Kelly Says Trump's Impeachment Trial Is 'Rigged'

  • Charlize Theron credits women at Fox News for launching #MeToo movement

    Charlize Theron credits Gretchen Carlson and the others at Fox News who spoke out about sexual harassment with being the precursor to the #MeToo movement.

  • 'Bombshell' star Charlize Theron on startling makeup job that turned her into Megyn Kelly: 'It so surpassed what I was hoping for'

    "Bombshell" stars Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie and John Lithgow talk about new expose about sexual misconduct at Fox News.

  • Charlize Theron says it was 'hard' to film Megyn Kelly's 'Santa is white' segment in 'Bombshell' as a mom to black kids

    "There are things she has said that I’ve definitely had issues with, but it doesn’t invalidate how I feel about her struggle," Charlize Theron said of Megyn Kelly, whom she portrayed in the film Bombshell.

  • Charlize Theron admits to feeling 'conflicted' about portraying Megyn Kelly: 'I personally felt uncomfortable'

    Charlize Theron opens up about her conflicting feelings as she embarked on both producing and acting in the upcoming film "Bombshell."