Sydney Sweeney’s Tightly Slicked Back Bun Is Balletcore at Its Highest Form

Celebrities invaded Los Angeles to take to the red carpet for the LACMA Art and Film Gala — and Sydney Sweeney appeared in full ballerina glamour from her hair down to her makeup and ensemble choices.

Balletcore is having a real moment in fashion right now and it's trickling over to beauty synonymously. Sweeney was in a full sugar plum fairy getup with a fluffy baby pink tulle gown with dramatic shoulders and a dreamy face beat, but instead of ballerina flats, the star opted for a pair of glittery sky-scraping stilettos. Her hairstylists, Glen Coco and Guy Cory slicked her tresses in such an extreme way that only a dancer would understand. Mousse and hair gel were definitely in abundance. To bring the look together, makeup artist Melissa Hernandez finished Sweeney's overall look with a '60s-inspired beat with babydoll lashes, flesh-toned lips and rosy cheeks.

While we're still determining if we'll be able to achieve such a polished look as Sweeney's, one can only try. If you're feeling inspired, take a closer look at her ballet-inspired display below, and be sure to catch the best-dressed A-Listers on the red carpet from the LACMA Art and Film Gala.