‘Survivor 46’ episode 8 recap: Who was voted out in ‘Hide ‘N Seek’? [LIVE BLOG]

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Heading into the eighth episode of “Survivor 46,” the remaining contestants had just attended two separate tribal councils where they eliminated both Tim Spicer and Soda Thompson. That left 10 people still in the game: four from the original Nami tribe (Hunter McKnight, Liz Wilcox, Tevin Davis and Venus Vafa), three from the original Siga tribe (Ben Katzman, Charlie Davis and Maria Shrime Gonzalez), and three from the original Yanu tribe (Kenzie Petty, Q Burdette and Tiffany Nicole Ervin). So which unlucky castaway had their torch snuffed by host Jeff Probst this week?

Below, read our minute-by-minute “Survivor 46” Episode 8 recap/live blog of “Hide ‘N Seek” to find out what happened on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite castaways on CBS’s reality TV show, who annoys you the most and who you think will ultimately join the “Survivor” winners list and take home the $1 million grand prize.

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8:00 p.m. – “Previously on ‘Survivor’!” In the seventh episode, Jeff separated the 12 players into two groups of six for the reward/immunity challenge, with both teams having an immunity winner and a trip to tribal council. Kenzie and Maria won the immunity necklaces, with Maria’s group also earning reward because she balanced on her floating platform the longest. The first group ousted Tim, who never seemed truly on board with Q’s plan of a six-person plus-one alliance. The second group said goodbye to Soda, and both Tevin and Venus thought they were solely responsible for her elimination. Sounds like drama! Only 10 people remain on the island. Who will be voted out tonight?

8:03 p.m. – In the fallout from the back-to-back elimination, Q was frustrated that his group wanted to socialize instead of figuring out how to strategize around their elimination of Tim with a plan to move forward. Q was most interested in figuring out if he wants to bring someone else into the alliance of six, determined to “change the way this game is played.” Later, when the second group arrived, they were surprised that Venus was still around because she is the one they expected to be sent home. Instead, they got an earful from Venus about how she masterminded Soda’s elimination and Tevin was the one who voted with Soda against her. She challenged Tevin’s integrity by calling out how he lied to her face, but “karma bit them in the ass.” Tevin, of course, was amused that Venus thought it was her idea to send Soda home when he believed that it was him that orchestrated that move. He let Venus “be cocky” because he knew he’d be able to snuff her torch and then explain the reality of the situation later (at the end of the game). Liz was also confused why Tevin thought it was his “original idea” because she believed she had been the one singing the tune of getting Soda out since the beginning of the game. She was less interested in getting credit for this though because she thought it would be more important to “stop hesitating and start taking action” in the game.

8:10 p.m. – The next day, Charlie reflected on the amount of power that Q had among the group and narrated a conversation he had with him early in the morning where he was “interviewed” for a chance to join the alliance of six. Later, he touched base with Maria who explained that she had been planting the seeds of bringing Charlie in for a long time and now was the time for them to execute that.

8:13 p.m. – In a moment of supposed levity, Q was able to convince everyone in the tribe to join in a game of “Hide and Seek” where Charlie was chosen as the seeker while the rest of them hid in the jungle. Q wanted everyone to believe it was just a game, but for him it was a chance to analyze how everyone “hides in plain sight.” For the most part, he pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes, but during the seek Venus also calculated that this was her opportunity to consider how far certain people are willing to go to mask themselves. Venus picked up that Tiffany was “a little sloppy” and didn’t know to “hide the little details” like her red bandana and analyzed the “adaptable” qualities of Maria in the way she created masks for herself out of the weeds. Q saw how surprisingly competitive Liz is and how likable Kenzie remains, but was ultimately most bothered by how well both Ben and Hunter were able to hide. Hunter in particular, who climbed a tree and went undetected the longest, went to great lengths which signified that he’s willing to risk anything in order to win.

8:23 p.m. – When things calmed down, Venus attempted a “debrief chat” with Tevin where she wanted to acknowledge their differences, but it amounted to her describing to Tevin how she pulled off the blindside while he patiently sat and listened, never challenging her with what he did to make the move. Once again, Tevin confided in Liz about how funny he finds Venus’ story, but he didn’t realize that Liz was turning away from him and suddenly saw him as a threat that is willing and capable to blindsiding people who trust him.

8:27 p.m. – Then later, Tiffany suggested to Tevin that Venus isn’t as dangerous as he’s suggesting she is in an attempt to “shift the focus” to someone that isn’t an “obvious target.” She told him she doesn’t “know who is next,” but that triggered Tevin into thinking that Tiffany is “getting shaky.” With his worry about Tiffany, Tevin went to Q and said that now Tiffany is willing to “go after” any of them that don’t win immunity. Q was immediately bothered by Tiffany’s attempt to “play the old ‘Survivor’ where you take a goat to the end,” but he insists that they all “play a Q game” instead. In his own attempt to confirm where Tiffany’s head is at, Q gave Tiffany space to tell him who should go next and she named Maria first. That was the “permission” Q needed to fire against Tiffany because she was so willing to break the alliance of six up. Q told Maria about Tiffany targeting her and then revealed that Tiffany has an idol. With that seed of trust, Maria felt better about Q and had reason to not trust Tiffany so it started to make sense that they’d all work together to blindside Tiffany.

8:35 p.m. – For the next challenge, Jeff brought the players to the beach for what he calls one of his favorite challenges in show history — hanging on the pole longer than anyone else. As has grown customary in the new era, Jeff offered the group a chance to earn enough rice to last them the rest of the game if only four players would opt out of competing in the challenge. He also gave them the option of two people sacrificing their next vote (and still competing for immunity) in exchange for the rice. For Liz it was a “hell no” and in the first pass, nobody was willing to sit out. Charlie explained that it’s a season of competitors and that all of them want to compete in this challenge specifically, with most of them thinking that they could actually win. Eventually Q stepped up to be one and then Liz offered as a second player, but no one else would join them. So, for the first time, the rice was not earned and everyone decided to compete instead.

8:40 p.m. – Within seconds of the challenge starting, both Q and Liz fell, followed by Kenzie, Ben and Maria shortly after them. About several minutes in, Tevin lost his footing, but regained his hold. He managed to last just a bit longer, waiting until Tiffany fell before his legs gave out an he fell, too, leaving only Hunter, Venus and Charlie on the poles. Of those three, Charlie exhibited the most struggle until Venus started sliding down the pole slowly and then touched the ground. In the final showdown, Charlie attempted a final bargain for rice with Jeff, but was denied and then slid down the pole. With that, Hunter won immunity and then in a moment of showing off, bent backwards on the pole while he hung in place from just the strength of his legs.

8:54 p.m. – When the group got back to camp, Q had to let out his frustration with how they were incapable of getting four people to sit out in order to secure rice for the tribe. His point was that there were people in the game that think they could beat Hunter, the guy who hid in a tree during hide and seek at a challenge about hanging on a pole. It was more curious because it seemed that the group had already largely agreed to vote Tiffany out as long as she didn’t win immunity so there was little chance that any of them felt vulnerable.

8:56 p.m. – In a moment with Maria and Ben, Liz said that this is her chance to step up in the game and she wants Tevin to be the next out. She explained that he’s logically the biggest threat because he’s capable to leading votes in directions that he wants. When word got to Venus, Tiffany and Kenzie through Ben, they were both on board. For Kenzie in particular, she liked that it wasn’t the Yanu three making this decision because it would relieve them from being a powerful group of three. Because of her close relationship with Q, Tiffany went to him with the idea about voting out Tevin and saying that is where the numbers are going. Once again, it “didn’t sit well” with Q that Tiffany was part of a changing plan that he was “not the driver” of. In order to regain control, Q went to Hunter to tell him that they’re voting Tevin out, but Hunter didn’t believe that it was as likely as Q thought it was. Feeling uneasy, Hunter brought together himself, Q, Maria, Charlie and Liz for a discussion where he outlined that Tiffany is the one that named Maria. While that conversation was going on, Venus, Tiffany, Ben and Kenzie all watched it happen, but “knew” that they still had the numbers on their side. Liz insisted that she’s still voting Tevin despite Hunter’s best attempt to get the vote moved back to Tiffany.

9:08 p.m. – At Tribal Council, Q admitted to the tantrum he threw at camp after the challenge over the fact that they didn’t get the rice that was offered to them, but before they could get “deep into the Tribal” he stopped Jeff to ask that everyone else vote him out tonight. Jeff was confused and everyone said Q’s feelings were news to them. He explained that he made a mistake in the game and his sense of honor meant that no one else should have to go home based on his mistake. Tevin said that Q’s ask was “very out of the blue,” Tiffany said she was “confused,” and Ben called it “bonkers.” Meanwhile, whispers started getting passed around the group as they attempted to make sense of what move to make. Jeff picked up on the reality of their situation, pointing out that on one hand they have Q volunteering to be sent home and on the other there are people who may need Q as a number in their strategies going forward. Tevin was the most outspoken about the group needing to listen to Q and not “coddle him to stay.”

9:17 p.m. – Eventually the TC turned “live” and everyone got up to have separate conversations. Maria did her best to relieve Q of the burden he was feeling by saying it’s all of their decision to make on who goes home. Tevin and Tiffany were in another group acting to each other like they’re on the same page, despite knowing full well their own plans are to vote the other out. Hunter seemed the most dismayed and Ben found a moment to utter “this does not rock.” Tevin, Maria, and Charlie all considered how Q had become a “loose canon” and he “may do it again” if they keep him. Then, Q told Tiffany and Kenzie that they did not have enough votes against Tevin and Tiffany was going to go home. Tiffany decided to go to Charlie to ask him if they were voting her out because if they were then she needs to prepare, but he told her she doesn’t need to use her idol and that Q told him and Maria about it.

9:24 p.m. – Once everyone settled down, Jeff called them up to cast their votes. At the voting booth, once again Tevin through a random vote at Venus instead of sticking to his plan on Tiffany. After tallying the votes, no one played an idol and so Jeff read them aloud: Venus, Tevin, Venus, Tevin, Tevin, Tevin, Tevin, Tevin.

NEXT TIME: Tiffany confronts Q about exposing her idol and later he vows to “give ’em hell.”

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