Supervsn x Microsoft Partner for Capsule Collection

·1 min read

Gavin Mathieu's thought-provoking brand Supervsn follows it's Lauryn Hill-themed crewneck with a partnership with a Microsoft collaboration dubbed "HARDWEAR."

The capsule includes classic Microsoft screensaver graphics alongside slogan shirts bearing "It's in you, not on you" and "Never not creating" messaging.

Mathieu spoke on the partnership saying,

It made all of the sense in the world for me to design this collection for Microsoft because when I think back to my childhood, my first introduction to graphic design and digital art was on my pops computer on MS Paint and from there I ran with it. For me, that intersection of function, style and comfort is what inspired the Hardwear collection and collab with Microsoft. These pieces were designed for the person who cares less about what we wear, and more about what we create.

My life’s purpose and goal with this collab are just to tell my story and to inspire the next kid to hold on to that love and to use it for good.

Take a look at the collection in the gallery above and shop the collection now on the XBOX website with prices ranging from $45 USD to $150 USD.