Superman & Lois Season 4 Casts Jimmy Olsen

Actor Douglas Smith has joined the cast of Superman & Lois‘ final season as the title couple’s Daily Planet co-worker, Jimmy Olsen.

Per TVLine, Smith will make his debut as Jimmy Olsen, “an extroverted 20-something known for being the ‘life of the party’ around the office,” in Superman & Lois Season 4. The official description of the character continues, “Despite being work colleagues with Clark, he’s been unable to get him out of his ‘awkward’ shell. Unaware of Clark’s super-secret, Jimmy’s still determined to become his pal.”

Smith, who is coincidentally Superman & Lois director Gregory Smith’s younger brother, is best known for playing Ben Henrickson on Big Love and Corey Brockfield in Big Little Lies. He also portrayed Percy Jackson’s half-brother Tyson in the 2013 movie, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

His casting comes just over a week after Yvonne Chapman (Avatar: The Last Airbender) was added to Season 4 as Lex Luthor’s ally, Amanda McCoy, a relatively minor character from the comics who is mostly remembered by fans for being one of the few people to figure out Superman’s secret identity.

Jimmy Olsen appeared in the Arrowverse

Mehcad Brooks previously portrayed Jimmy Olsen in the Arrowverse series, Supergirl. While Superman & Lois was intended to be part of the Arrowverse, it was later revealed in the Season 2 finale that the events of the series were happening on a different Earth.

Superman & Lois was renewed for a fourth season in June 2023, with The CW announcing that November that it would be the show’s last. The fan-favorite DC superhero drama series follows Clark Kent/Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) as they return to Smallville with their twin sons, Jonathan (Michael Bishop), and Jordan Kent (Alex Garfin).

Superman & Lois Season 4 is expected to premiere on The CW in 2024.