Kickstarter now allows late pledges after a campaign has ended

Procrastinators rejoice.


We’ve all been there. You see something cool on Kickstarter. It’s reasonably priced and made by reputable folks. You fully intend on backing it, but life gets in the way and the campaign ends, leaving you out in the cold. Kickstarter just solved this very specific problem by continuing to allow financial backing after a campaign finishes.

The new tool is appropriately-named Late Pledge and will only be available to creators who hit their initial goal. It’s been in the testing phase since April and Kickstarters says it has allowed creators to raise an additional 35 percent over that initial goal, according to reporting by TechCrunch.

Late Pledge has exited the testing phase and is now available to all creators worldwide. This is good for creators, good for backers and, of course, good for Kickstarter, as users won’t have to head to a third-party payment platform when a campaign has ended.

The company has also announced a new in-house marketing unit to help creators promote their campaigns. Kickstarter says that this team “provides support every step of the way, from creative services and pre-launch marketing support to ad measurement and execution.” This service has been in the testing phase for a while and has helped creators raise around $1 million in additional pledges.

There’s more to come. Kickstarter unveiled a more robust survey tool for reward fulfillment purposes and announced the forthcoming ability to pay for shipping and tax via the mobile app.