A Subtle 'White Lotus' Moment That Folks Missed Is a Huge Hint That [SPOILER] Dies

the white lotus
This 'White Lotus' Easter Egg Will Blow Your MindHBO

Warning: Episodes 1-6 of The White Lotus are discussed in this article, so if you're not caught up, time to bounce!

The only thing more brilliant than this season of The White Lotus? The fan theories, at least one of which has already come true. And—surprise!—here comes another one to blow your mind.

Kay, so remember in episode 3 when Portia tags along with Bert, Dominic, and Albie on a tour of the gorgeous home where Michael Corleone’s wife Apollonia is blown up in a car? Not only do we get an entire description of The Godfather scene in question, we see a replica mannequin of Apollonia wearing a floral dress. Which TikToker @sloanepeterson notes is the same floral dress that Tanya is also seen wearing. Like!!!!!!!

This seems like a pretty huge clue that Tanya is about to die (presumably at the hands of Quentin and his friends)—but, TBH, I personally think it's Portia who ends up being killed. First of all, there's the fact that she's wearing a t-shirt of the literal moment when Apollonia is blown up, which was also noticed by @sloanepeterson:

And if we want to interpret The Godfather scene a little deeper, reminder that Apollonia accidentally dies in the car explosion meant for Michael. So...what if Tanya represents the Michael in this situation, aka the person who's targeted, and Portia represents Apollonia, aka the person who accidentally dies instead?

Just theorizing here, so gonna go ahead and do this:

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