'Stranger Things' Fans Are Reeling After the Writers Dropped Season 5 Episodes News

'Stranger Things' Fans Are Reeling After the Writers Dropped Season 5 Episodes News

Heads up, Stranger Things fans — the show is listening to your ideas.

Back in August, the writers of the hit Netflix drama came up with a unique way to get viewers involved in the fifth and final season. They tweeted a picture of an empty storyboard, asking their followers to submit their ideas for each of the eight episodes they were working on. It looks like they're following through on their request because they recently shared an updated picture featuring a pixelated storyboard full of plans for Stranger Things season 5.

"Grid complete," the writers captioned the Twitter post on September 20.

After realizing that the info for the new episodes was distorted through a filter, fans instantly got fired up about what they could expect come season 5. They made sure to let the writers know about it too via their replies to the latest Stranger Things update on social media.

"Omg I can't wait for this," one fan replied about the picture on Twitter. "Eddie better be alive somewhere in there!" another fan noted, referencing season 4 breakout character Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn). "GET THE TUMBLR DETECTIVES ON THIS," one more follower added as well.

Speaking of season 5 sleuths, it may be a little harder than expected. When folks tried to share their own versions of the coveted storyboard, they noticed their replies had one thing in common. They all featured a warning from the social media platform that said the Stranger Things writers had flagged the photo as showing sensitive content.

With Stranger Things wrapping up, it makes sense they would go the extra mile to assure none of their ideas are accidentally leaked to the public, even if it happens through a lucky guess. After all, Stranger Things season 4 part 2 ended with quite an explosive bang. From Eddie Munson pulling rockstar moves with a Metallica cover to an epic fight between Eleven and Vecna, there is definitely room to wrap things up with lots of flair.

That said, there is one person who's giving insight into what The Duffer Brothers may have planned. Actor David Harbour, who plays Hopper in the show, revealed a mini tease to Entertainment Tonight earlier this month.

"Here's the storyline: so it starts with the death of ... Ah, no," he jokingly told the outlet. "You know, I mean, I know a little bit about where it's headed and it's really exciting, but you'll see it in another 15 years when it's able to be released when we've shot it."

Until then, we'll just wait until the higher ups at Netflix share another exciting update.

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