‘SNL’: Kate McKinnon Returns to Crack Up Ryan Gosling in Alien Abduction Cold Open | Video

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The cold open for Saturday’s episode of “SNL” eschewed the traditional politics for a reunion between Kate McKinnon and this week’s host Ryan Gosling, reprising their roles from the alien abduction sketch they previously performed in 2015. That sketch became famous for the way Gosling couldn’t keep a straight face, and the same was true this week as both Gosling and McKinnon were attempting (and failing) to hold back laughter in one of the best cold opens in recent memory.

The sketch’s premise is the same as the last, with McKinnon, Gosling and Sarah Sherman playing a trio of humans being questioned by authorities after they were abducted by aliens. Gosling was wearing the same outfit he was wearing in the previous sketch and made a nod: “I just want you to know I do have other clothes.”

After Gosling and Sherman’s characters told their stories of how they were abducted, McKinnon’s Colleen jumped in: “I was by the lake, takin’ a whore bath, then out of nowhere I get sucked up by a giant vacuum cleaner and I land on the ship, still pantsless mind you.”

After another round of Gosling and Sherman recounting their experience, it was McKinnon’s turn to offer an account of a sexual encounter with the aliens:

“These two are getting ASMR love tingles, meanwhile down in gen pop the grays and I are doing our usual dance. They’re battin’ my knockers, they’re starin’ down the barrel of my south mouth. I don’t know, their heart wasn’t in it.”

Gosling’s character then recalled how he stumbled upon Colleen’s encounter, and the aliens quickly turned their attention to him, “like middle schoolers meeting Taylor Swift.”

Then Gosling really started to crack up as he went into graphic detail about the encounter:

“These things, they’re smooth down there. They’re like a broken doorbell. No dong,” he said. “And I’m wearin’ my seethrough robe, so when they saw that I was packin a troll nose, they just went right through it.”

McKinnon then acted out the aliens fondling Gosling as she got under his crotch and started flicking as the “Barbie” actor was trying desperately to hide his laugh under his trucker hat.

“One guy, he tried to wear it like a hat,” McKinnon explained. “Then one of those lunatics grabbed on to this thing, tried to hoist himself up.”

Gosling’s character then explained how he kept himself in check.

“And in case you were wondering, I did not get aroused. Anytime I thought I might I’d look at Colleen here and that took care of it.”

Watch the full sketch in the video above.

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