The Sky Today, October 3, 2022

At 7:37 a.m.: The moon is trine Uranus

In the morning, the Capricorn moon trines Uranus in Taurus, stimulating our intuition. Twists of fate prove exciting instead of disarming! So… take chances! Switch up your routine! Making decisions based on gut feelings will position us for serendipity. People who come into our life now enlighten us with the merits of adaptability. We can take this risk because we will be able to regulate our nervous system when we encounter surprises. 

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At 4:31 p.m.: The moon is sextile Neptune

The cosmic weather is then quiet until late in the afternoon, when the moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces, granting a dreamy atmosphere to the day. At this time, greater sensitivity to our environment and greater empathy for others guides our choices.  Our psychic abilities are amplified, although, under the Capricorn moon, we may prefer to refer to this subtle guiding force as common sense instead of spiritual sensitivity. Acting compassionately yields the greatest rewards. Expressing ourselves through artistic media is also favored. 

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