Shoppers Say This Ember Mug Alternative ‘Lasts Longer & Keeps Coffee Hotter’ — & It's 20% Off

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You know that feeling when you take a sip of your morning coffee and it’s already gone cold? Ugh, it’s like the universe is conspiring against you and your caffeine fix. And let’s not even get started on the countless trips to the microwave just to reheat it. It’s like, come on, can’t a coffee lover catch a break here? But what if we told you that there’s a way to say goodbye to lukewarm coffee forever? A way to enjoy your hot joe from the first sip to the last. Say hello to the self-heating coffee mug, the superhero of the coffee world! And this coffee crusader is 23 percent off on Amazon right now.

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You might have heard of the Ember mug with the phone app, but the Nextmug is a foolproof alternative with an easy on-board control button to turn the mug on/off and set the temperature, no extra technology needed. The Nextmug smart coffee mug has a built-in lithium-ion battery that keeps your hot beverages at the perfect temperature for hours. Simply select from three temperature options — Warm (130°), Hot (140°), or Piping (150°) — and the mug’s LED lights will display the real-time temperature of your tea or coffee. The package includes a 14-ounce mug in a matte finish (black, dusty rose, or sage), a docking coaster and 6-foot charging cord, and a spill-resistant lid.

Nextmug Self-Heating Coffee Mug

Nextmug self heating coffee mug.
Courtesy of Nextmug.


Price: $99.95

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Nextmug has 4.5 stars from reviews on Amazon, with buyers noting that it even lasts longer and keeps coffee hotter than its pricier brand’s counterpart.

“Who would have thought a coffee mug can change your entire approach to drinking coffee?” asks one pleasantly surprised Amazon shopper. “This thing is awesome! I keep a docking coaster on the desk at my home office and literally have access to hot coffee or tea all day long.”

Another happy Amazon buyer calls Nextmug a “game changer” that is “easy to use and set up in seconds” adding, “Before Nextmug your coffee eventually going cold was a way of life.” But after buying one?: “No more going to the microwave to reheat it.”

Self-heating mugs are a game-changer for coffee and tea lovers everywhere. Whether you prefer a warm cup of coffee or a piping hot one, a self-heating mug can do it all. No more having to reheat your coffee every time it gets cold or pour out a lukewarm beverage. With its ability to keep your hot beverage at the perfect temperature for hours and reduce waste, a Nextmug self-heating mug is a splurge that you won’t regret — especially when it’s on sale.

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