Sheinelle cooks her mom and grandmother's recipes with her daughter Clara

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This Mother's Day, Sheinelle Jones and her daughter, Clara, are cooking up two of her favorite recipes from childhood — one she learned from her grandmother, an old-school strawberry Jell-O, and one she learned from her mother, baked sweet potatoes with apples and peaches.

Sheinelle's Mom's Famous Sweet Potatoes by Sheinelle Jones

My mom always just improvised with whatever was around, and it's the same thing with this sweet potato casserole that she makes. If she had pineapples or apples in the house, she'd spread them across the top. That's just how she cooked, and it was so good! When I think of her cooking I just think of love and making it work.

Sheinelle's Grandma's Strawberry Jell-O Salad by Sheinelle Jones

This recipe just reminds me of family getting together. My grandmother makes this, and we eat it as a salad and as a dessert 'cause it's so yummy. The sweet strawberries, tropical pineapple, tangy sour cream and crunchy nuts cover all the flavor and texture bases you want in a great dish.

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