'Seeking Sister Wife' sneak peek: Meet the families in TLC's new polygamy reality drama

TLC is doubling down — actually, quadrupling down — on real-world polygamy family drama, as the network of Sister Wives adds Seeking Sister Wife to its lineup.

The new series focuses on three families who are looking to expand their brood, including Ashley and Dimitri Snowden, an African-American couple in Georgia who have two children and another on the way, and are seeking a new partner who wants to add even more children to the Snowden fam.

The Snowdens are committed to finding a new match, but, as seen in the clip above, not everyone supports their plan, namely Ashley’s mom. Could it have something to do with the fact that Ashley and Dimitri recently tried another plural relationship, which ended unhappily?

The other families Seeking (a) Sister Wife: the Alldredges, husband Jeff and wives Vanessa and Sharis, who have seven children under the age of 7, are looking for wife No. 3 because they have no limit on how large they’d like to grow their family; and the Brineys.

It’s already a tension-filled household for the Brineys, because wives April and Auralee are still trying to get used to Angela, the recently added third wife husband Drew brought into the mix after dating her for just a couple of weeks. The family, which has 15 children, is also moving into the same home together for the first time, and Angela, who had trouble conceiving a baby for 20 years, got pregnant just a few months after her union with Drew.

Seeking Sister Wife premieres on Sunday, Jan. 14, at 10 p.m. on TLC

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