What's the worst thing Netflix could subtweet about your viewing activity?

<em>A Christmas Prince</em>. (Photo: Netflix)
A Christmas Prince. (Photo: Netflix)

Did Netflix’s recent tweet shaming users obsessed with its holiday original A Christmas Prince unnerve you? It’s probably because you’re afraid what your viewing activity might say about you.

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So let’s just get it out in the open: What’s the worst Netflix could subtweet about you? We’ll share our confessions. Add yours in the comments section or on Twitter using #NetflixAndGuilt.

Kelly Woo: That not only did I watch A Christmas Prince, but because I did, Netflix suggested Christmas in the Smokies and The Spirit of Christmas … and I watched them too.

Ken Tucker: That I’ve watched as many Jeff Dunham videos as Netflix makes available. Does this mean I am pro-Achmed the Dead Terrorist? That I’m a fan of Jose Jalapeno? I prefer to think it’s just that I’m a student of the history of ventriloquism, and Netflix doesn’t have any Shari Lewis videos available. Yeah, I’m not buying it, either.

Mandi Bierly: That it’s decided The Boss Baby is a 97% match for me. (I assure you, Netflix, it is not.)

Kristen Baldwin: That I always take advantage of the “skip intro” feature, and then feel bad about it. I mean, people worked hard on the intro to Mindhunter, and Alias Grace, and Stranger Things, and Grace and Frankie… (OK, maybe not Grace and Frankie). I also feel irrationally judged by the “Keep watching…” suggestion that pops up every time you log back on. Why, yes, Netflix, I do want to keep watching Gilmore Girls reruns even though I barely moved from the couch yesterday while plowing through Season 2. WHAT’S IT TO YOU?

Kim Potts: That although I’ve watched the first 10 minutes of several new series, I skip out on them to rewatch the Gilmore Girls episodes where Emily goes on a crazy shopping spree at the mall and the one where Emily tells off Shira Huntzberger for being mean to Rory.

Gwynne Watkins: That I have an embarrassing number of unwatched prestige movies in my queue. One day I swear I’ll get around to watching Lion and The Immigrant.

Ethan Alter: That it might expose my lack of comic-book TV cred. For every superhero show I’ve watched — Daredevil, Jessica Jones, heck, even Iron Fist — there are at least two or three that I’ve never completed or even started. How can I recommend The Flash when Netflix reminds me that I didn’t get beyond the third episode of the CW series?

Leah Neuberth: That I’ve likely watched every single rom-com on there.

Chrissy Nguyen: That I’ve never actually had my own Netflix account.

Your turn.

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