Seann William Scott says he's not working as much because Hollywood's not making enough comedies

Seann William Scott has starred in an impressive number of quality comedies over the years: American Pie (1999) and its three follow-ups, Road Trip (2000), Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000), Old School (2003), Role Models (2008), and Goon (2011).

Scott’s new hockey-comedy sequel, Goon: The Last of the Enforcers, though, is his first live-action role in three years (he voices one of the opossum brothers in the Ice Age movies). The actor shared some insight into why you’ve been seeing less of him on the big screen when he stopped by Yahoo Movies for a recent Facebook Live interview.

“In the beginning of my career, they were making way more comedies, there was a real appetite for comedy,” Scott told us (watch above) when asked how his process in selecting roles has evolved. “[Recently] there have been a lot of really good comedies that have come out, but they’re just not doing [well] at the box office. They’re not making as many as they did at the beginning [of my career]… I had more opportunities. They were making more. They were making comedies geared toward a younger audience.”

Scott also admits that he’s selective. “Ultimately, because I’ve been so lucky, from the very beginning to be in at least one movie that people liked… I’m like, ‘I just don’t want to do a bunch of crap,'” he explained. “Sometimes you can’t help it. You read a script and you’re like, ‘There’s a lot of potential here. There’s also potential for it to be bad.’

“And I’m not a guy who’s ever had tons of offers. I’ve always had to fight for an opportunity. And so it’s a risk. Sometimes you go, OK, there’s a lot of potential for this to be good. I just have to go in and try to do the best that I can.’ And that’s all you do. But I also don’t want to do a bunch of movies that I know are gonna suck.”

Goon: Last of the Enforcers is now in select theaters and on Digital HD.

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