SAYE Drops Sneakers Made From Apple Waste

Barcelona-based sneaker brand SAYE is taking sustainability one step further with the release of its Modelo '89 Vegan sneakers created from discarded apples. Collaborating with Japanese artist Yosuke Amemiya, the crisp white sneakers bold pop of color is derived from apple waste, resulting in a beautiful red accent.

The leftover fruit is turned into juices and jams, and then transformed into a powder, replacing oil-based products. Accompanying SAYE's mindfully crafted sneakers, Amemiya utilizes his expert woodwork to create hyper-realistic apples. Hard wood is molded into fluid shapes as apples melt into crimson puddles, reminding the viewer that nothing is as it appears.

SAYE's innovative sneakers are available in both low and high-top silhouettes. Priced at $175 and $185 USD respectively, the M89 Vegan Apple sneakers can be purchased on SAYE's online store.