Saweetie’s Pastel Goop Ball Coffin Nails Are a Y2K-Fanatic’s Dream

We love when Saweetie goes dark on social media. From there, we know the artist is bound to resurface with major beauty inspo from hair, makeup or nails. Every now and then, the OG "Icy Girl" will pop out and remind us of what's good, and her latest Twitter manicure moment was a reminder that she "can't stop, won't stop, get gwop."

The Bay Area-raised rapper recently took to Twitter to post two photos of her pastel-colored nails. In true Saweetie fashion, the claw moments were extra long — a staple for the star. The multi-colored set featured blobs of various sizes all randomly but carefully scattered on the coffin-shaped nails. The manicure is reminiscent of those Y2K lava lamps or goop balls that were popular in the earlier years for the millennials.

We don't know when Saweetie's next head-turning beauty debut will be, but our eyes will be peeled to see what inspiration she feeds us next.