‘Saturday Night Live’ #TBT: Alec Baldwin Isn’t Afraid to Make Fun of Himself

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Alec Baldwin is hosting Saturday Night Live for the 17th time this weekend. He already holds the record for hosting the most times — beating out Steve Martin at 15 — and now he’ll add one more to the tally.

In his previous 16 appearances, Baldwin has been part of many famous, memorable sketches, from “Schweddy Balls” to the “Tony Bennett Show.” And of course, recently, he’s angered the current president with his ruthless impersonations.

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As gifted as Baldwin is at poking fun at other people, he is equally game to mocking himself, like in this 2011 “Weekend Update” sketch. Baldwin appears as American Airlines pilot Captain Steve Rogers (although, really, it’s Baldwin posing as the pilot). This sketch followed a real-life brouhaha when Baldwin was kicked off a flight for playing the mobile game Words With Friends.

In the bit, the captain is there to apologize to Baldwin. “Mr. Baldwin is an American treasure and I am ashamed at the way he was treated,” Rogers declares. After all, Baldwin was just trying to play a “word game for smart people.”

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Seth Meyers, meanwhile, gives him a bit of side eye. Kind of overkill, isn’t it?

Nope, Baldwin isn’t done there. Banning cellphone use on flights is apparently a “cruel joke” created by the airline industry and “we would’ve gotten away with it, but Alec Baldwin was just too smart for us.”

Watch Baldwin’s 17th hosting gig, with musical guest Ed Sheeran this Saturday at 11:30 p.m. on NBC.

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