'The Rookie' Fans, Eric Winter Just Addressed If He's Coming Back After That Emotional Scene

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Eric Winter Drops Hint About 'The Rookie' Season 6Raymond Liu - ABC

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The Rookie is more than halfway through season 5, and fans are wondering if Eric Winter's character Tim Bradford is OK. Meanwhile, others are asking if the hit ABC series will be renewed for more episodes. While there has been no word about these concerns, Eric seemed to have dropped a major hint about what's to come.

In late January, the actor submitted a Cameo discussing the likelihood of The Rookie scoring a season 6. At the time, he assured fans that they should expect to hear good news relatively soon. What's more, he appeared hopeful that his character Tim Bradford would be written out of the show down the road.

"Right now, our ratings are better than ever," he said in the clip posted to Instagram on January 23. "I feel really confident about a season 6. Nothing's official yet, but I do feel confident given the way things are going. So, get ready for more Rookie."

Due to the fact the ABC show (and subsequently, Eric) brings in a consistent viewership every Tuesday night, the actor's thoughts about a new season drew many excited comments from The Rookie fandom.

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'The Rookie'


"Yay season 6 keep this show going I love this show," one person wrote on Instagram. "Season six is happening. We all know we’re just waiting for confirmation," another added. "If Officer Bradford goes we will stop watching!!! Tim and Lucy finally found love!!!" a different user replied, referencing his character's relationship with former rookie Lucy Chen (Melissa O'Neil).

As for whether The Rookie will actually be back for a new installment, Eric hasn't explicitly said anything other than he wrapped filming the season 5 finale. But some eagle-eyed fans did some research and found that an acting studio may have accidentally revealed the show's plans for a renewal ahead of time.

The company's Instagram account recently congratulated actor Dave Kumar for booking a role for a new season of the drama, leading some to think that a big announcement is imminent.

"Congrats to @davekumar_ on booking his role in the upcoming season of #ABC’s #TheRookie!!!" read the Instagram post from March 14.

Well, we'll keep our fingers crossed and radio the fans when an official statement drops. Until then, we'll just be watching to see more Chenford ...

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