Here’s the Real Reason Sarah Drew Left ‘Grey’s Anatomy’—& Why She Came Back

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With the news of Sarah Drew’s returns, fans are wondering: Why did April leave Grey’s Anatomy and why is she back? Drew, who played Dr. April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy from seasons 6 to 14, left the series in 2018.

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In the episode before the season 14 finale, April has a near-fatal accident after her ex-fiancé’s car rolls into a ravine with both of them in it. Unconscious, April is taken to Seattle Grace Memorial, where the doctors, including her ex-boyfriend Jackson Avery, work to keep her alive. At the end of the episode, April wakes up but something has changed in her. In the finale, April reveals that she’s quit her job as a trauma surgeon at Seattle Grace and now does medical work for the...

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