'Real Housewives of Dubai' star Lesa Milan explains Twitter drama with her co-stars

Lesa Milan isn't afraid to say what she's really thinking. Gibson Johns interviews the "Real Housewives of Dubai" star about her recent Twitter drama with co-stars Nina Ali and Caroline Brooks, why she views Caroline Stanbury as her biggest adversary in the cast and what makes her friendship with Chanel Ayan work so well. They also discuss what it's like for her to jump back into reality TV over a decade after appearing on BET's "College Hill," the positive feedback she's received from fans online, her decision to expand her Mina Roe brand beyond maternity wear and much more.

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GIBSON JOHNS: Hi, guys. Welcome back to "We Should Talk," a pop culture interview series from "In the Now." I'm your host, Gibson Johns. And this week on the podcast, we have Lesa Milan from "The Real Housewives of Dubai."

Obviously, "Dubai" is Bravo's newest "Housewives" franchise. And Lesa is one of the more immediately likable housewives that I can remember. I really love her. I think she's so refreshing. She has a glamorous life. She's funny, smart, beautiful, has an adorable family, a hot husband, a successful business. I mean, she has a lot going for her. And I was really excited to get some time with her, to interview her, and just hear about joining the show.

And she's at the center of a lot of off-camera drama right now happening on Twitter. It's pretty light drama. But she understands the assignment. She can dish out the shade. She can take the shade. And she's getting the people talking. So I had a lot of fun talking with her about all of that, her relationships with some of the women, her business, Mina Roe, which is really successful. And it's expanding beyond maternity where, as we see on this week's episode.

And again, I find her to be such a breath of fresh. And I'm excited to see what the future has in store for her on "Housewives." Because there's a lot of promise there. Again, she understands the assignment. And I think "Dubai" is going to be a great franchise.

So keep listening for my interview with Lesa Milan from "The Real Housewives of Dubai." Tune into the show Wednesdays at 9:00 PM on Bravo. And please rate, review, and subscribe to "We Should Talk" on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.


All right, so we're here with Lesa Milan from "The Real Housewives of Dubai." We have three episodes. Episode three is this week. Lesa, how are you doing now that we're in the season now?

LESA MILAN: You know what? I'm actually doing really well. I think I'm doing better than I thought I would be. I was really nervous going into it. And so far, it's actually been amazing.

GIBSON JOHNS: What were you most nervous about? Was it like the viewership opinions? Was it the drama with the women? Like what were you most sort of anxious about going into this?

LESA MILAN: A bit of everything. I've done reality TV before. I did "College Hill" like over a decade ago. And when I did it, there was no social media. So I knew going into this it's going to be a whole different ball game. So yes, so the viewers opinions, just everything overall. I was really anxious.

I've actually lived a really private life prior to this. And you know, it was just really nervous going into it. I'm not going to lie.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, but I mean, it looks like all of you guys, honestly, are like pretty adept at social media, just in terms of like you have presences there. So it's not like-- obviously, this is a different level of feedback that you're getting. But at least like you guys are all sort of comfortable in that realm a little bit. At least it seems that way.

LESA MILAN: Yeah, absolutely. But I mean, social media is quite controlled, right? You pick and choose what you want to share with the world. When you're on a reality TV, they're going to get you your goods, your bads, your ups, your downs. And it's unfiltered.

So I think that's the difference that I find with social media and then a reality TV show.

GIBSON JOHNS: Totally. But for me, I mean-- and I hope that you've been feeling this-- but for me, from the first couple of episodes that we've seen with you, from that first scene, those first couple of seasons your kids and Rich and just like being at your house and just seeing your family life, immediately to me, you were one of the most likeable ones on this cast. I think everyone was really drawn to it seemed. And you just had this like easy way about you. But also you have the glam.

So I think you hit both sides of it. And have you been feeling the love from the fans? Is it mostly positive reception that you feel like you're getting?

LESA MILAN: Absolutely. So I think I was like nervous for no reason. The fans have been absolutely amazing. People are so supportive. My kids, they thought we were shooting for YouTube until they went to school the other day. And the teacher is like, oh, I saw you on TV. And they're like, TV? You mean on your iPad?

GIBSON JOHNS: Wild. To them, there's no difference to them, right.

LESA MILAN: The best filming that I did was with my family. Because that's when I'm most comfortable and confident. You know, like being a mom comes natural to me. This is what I'm doing every single day anyways. So definitely shooting with them was the best part.

GIBSON JOHNS: Mm-hmm. Yeah, again, also we're in the season now. So it's like not even just the drama on the show is happening. Like the drama outside of the show is happening. We have some Twitter beef happening.

So I want to kind of get into some of your relationships with some of the different women. But we'll start sort of with what I think is like a purely positive relationship that you have in your life, which was with Chanel Ayan, who you've said like you're always going to be team Chanel. She's your best friend on the show. Is that loyalty? Is that trust that you guys have, is that really just from working together kind of over the years and then that becoming a friendship in and of itself?

LESA MILAN: Yes, so I met Chanel Ayan like 2016, I believe it was. And she started off as one of my models. I didn't really have a lot of friends when I moved here. And she would always take me out, like hey, girl. Because no one even knew I owned Mina Roe for many years. I'm just now letting the world know this.

And so she would always say, come, let me introduce you to all these different people in the fashion industry. And we would start hanging out together. And one thing led to another. She is the funniest human being on the face of this Earth.


LESA MILAN: If I'm having a bad day, to be honest, I call her every day. I know she's going to say something that's going to make me laugh. She's just naturally, authentically, unapologetically herself.

And so I've always loved her for that. We've been friends over the years. She's actually the person that brought me onto the show. She's the one that put me forward to the casting director.


LESA MILAN: So I love her. Yes, my loyalty is to her, but not because of that. Because she's genuinely a good person. She has a good heart. She means well. Even sometimes when it doesn't come out that way, she's not coming from a bad place.

And so I feel for me, hands down, I'll always be team Chanel Ayan. She's a good person.

GIBSON JOHNS: Mm-hmm. And so it must be fun for you to also like-- again, you're all having your moments. But like Chanel is obviously-- Chanel Ayan is obviously like, she's had these breakout moments already that like people are really latching onto. Her on "Watch What Happens Live" was like just a joy to watch, honestly. It was epic.


GIBSON JOHNS: It must be fun for you to watch her kind of have these moments too, as a really good friend of hers.

LESA MILAN: Yeah, absolutely. She deserves it all. And you know what? This is who she is. She's not pretending. And so I think the world gets to fall in love with her as much as I love her.

GIBSON JOHNS: Mm-hmm. And I think what's fun-- and I think you're an example of this, she's an example of this-- is like we're already getting sort of like these fun, kind of shady moments. But we're also hearing about your stories. And I think that that's part of the reason why people love "Housewives" is we get the full 360 view of your lives. And I think that you two are both definitely giving us that.

LESA MILAN: Aw, thank you, thank you.

GIBSON JOHNS: So she's also out here defending you on Twitter, or backing you up on Twitter, I should say.


GIBSON JOHNS: No, you don't need defending. But I think that her-- when I see some tweets and it's like she'll just be backing you up without even you asking. And she just is like there for you in these low level Twitter, whatever.

LESA MILAN: [INAUDIBLE] Say that part again for the people in the back, low level.

GIBSON JOHNS: Are you surprised the drama has escalated so quickly and gotten onto Twitter?

LESA MILAN: To be honest, I actually am. I mean, I've been friends with some of these ladies for many years. They know who I am. They know my heart. They know I'm never coming from a bad place.

So when I do see things escalate-- especially I'm new to Twitter. So I'm not into all of these Twitter beefs and weirdness. It's like so beneath me, really. And so seeing them attacking me over some fun shade-- although, there's a lot of truth to those shades. And they know it. I feel like that's why-- I think that's why they're offended. Because they know there is some truth to the shade.

GIBSON JOHNS: Got it. Well, I feel like also, I mean, part of being on "Housewives" is like there's the fun shade. And like you have to be able to take it and dish it. And like that's just kind of how you move forward and like how you produce the entertaining shows.

LESA MILAN: Exactly.

GIBSON JOHNS: So people will learn, I think.

LESA MILAN: Hopefully. They need to learn to understand the assignments.

GIBSON JOHNS: All right, so one of the topics on Twitter is that you had said on the show that Caroline says she's something-- Caroline Brooks actually something different every week. And then you said, I said what I said. And now she's kind of like you say, fighting with herself. Have you guys been able to hash it out at all offline? Or where does it stand right now between you guys?

LESA MILAN: To be honest, I feel like she didn't really have a moment in episode two. So she felt the need to create one online. That's the back story. And that's what I think happened. I would never ever go after someone's lineage, right?

She is literally something different every week. So when they asked me, what did I think, I'm like, one week she's American. The next week she's Afro-Latina. The next week she's Jamaican. She's going to be Emirati the following week, right? And it was just fun shade.

She says she's Jamaican. I've never once said she's not. I just said she's something different every week. Those words never came out of my mouth. And I feel like it was escalated. And she overreacted.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, again, it gets back to that it is really sort of lighthearted fun.

LESA MILAN: Yeah, exactly.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, exactly.

LESA MILAN: Exactly. If she said, Lesa Milan is something different every week, I think I would just laugh at it. You know who you are. You're secure in who you are. So it shouldn't affect you, you know? Well, it wouldn't affect me at least.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, and also, you guys are friends. It seems like you guys-- I mean-- right.

LESA MILAN: She knows me. So she knows my sense of humor. And yeah, I think it was blown out of proportion. And this is why I didn't really engage. It's ridiculous.



GIBSON JOHNS: But you do seem like the kind of person who like regardless of whatever, you're still going to tell your truth and what your opinion is. That's what I'm getting from you so far. It's like you're not going to beat around the bush.

LESA MILAN: Yeah, you're not getting an apology out of me, not if I don't mean it. And I wasn't coming from a bad place. So I'm definitely not giving an apology. She is something different every week. And that week, she was Jamaican. I'm not saying that she's not Jamaican. I'm just saying she's something different every week.

GIBSON JOHNS: Got it. And then the other side of thing is that also on the show, you were asked, again, just about like what you had heard about what Nina had apparently said about Stanbury? And you said some of those things that she had said. And she said that you were putting words in her mouth and that you had an agenda. And then you responded that you brought her on the show.


GIBSON JOHNS: So, OK, let's break it down a little bit. So when was it that you said that she was saying bad things about Stanbury? Was it before, way before filming started, back in the day?

LESA MILAN: So when Caroline Stanbury started trying to befriend us, she was like, be careful of her. You know, Lisa, you live-- I'm super low key in Dubai. Like I'm super low key. I don't really hang out with a lot of people. But I go out. I am in the social circle--

GIBSON JOHNS: The scene.

LESA MILAN: --and the scene. So I do run into people. I do meet people. So back then, when Stanbury was trying to befriend me, Nina, who I've been friends with for many years, she was like, you know what? Be careful of her. I've heard so many things about her. I've heard this. I've heard that.

So when we started filming, for them to like become best friends out of nowhere-- and I was hearing also, that she was throwing me under the bus-- I was like, well, that's very easy two-faced. Because you are the main one that told me to be careful of her. And you're not taking your own advice, one. And you said some really horrible things about her.

Now, she didn't say ratchet, ghetto. But she said trashy. And ratchet, ghetto, trashy, means the same thing. It's like somebody-- it's like somebody saying, oh, she called you a puta. And then somebody said, yes, she said you're a bitch. Puta and bitch is same thing, you know? It's the same thing.

I say ratchet. She says trashy. But trashy came from her. And it's the same thing. So for her to say that I had an agenda, I didn't have-- what agenda? Like what agenda? And yeah, I brought you onto the show, because you're my friend. What agenda could I have had?

So that was actually really hurtful and really offensive. Because she knows one, I would never repeat things that would hurt anybody, right? Saying that your trashy is just girl talk, right? It's just shit talk. I would never repeat the really horrible things.

So yeah, I'm not going to say you said something and then leave the viewers and everybody else wondering, what was it? You know, so I just gave them the nicest thing that you said.

GIBSON JOHNS: So there were a lot worse things that you're implying that she. You're just not going to repeat them.



LESA MILAN: I spared-- I spared her.

GIBSON JOHNS: There we go. And then when you say you brought her on the show, it's sort of what you suggested to her for casting, because she was a friend of yours?

LESA MILAN: Yeah, exactly. They casted the whole-- well, they casted a lot of different girls in our friend group. So they would speak to one girl and then move on to, do you have friends that you-- because they build it around--

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, naturally.

LESA MILAN: --a real friend group.


LESA MILAN: No one else in our friend group referred her. But I did. Because I've always loved Nina. She's always been a good friend of mine. And yeah, so the agenda thing was a reach.

GIBSON JOHNS: Do you think that you guys will be able to get past this moment?

LESA MILAN: Well, I hope so. I actually thought it was so small and so petty, you know? Like OK yeah, I wasn't friends with you when I said these things. The end. Move on. But I feel like, like I said about Brooks, everybody is dragging things. People who didn't have a moment in episode two, were trying to create moments online.

GIBSON JOHNS: There we go. And then the other thing I want to ask you about is because I feel like I don't know how much we've seen of you and Stanbury together on the show yet, or at least one on one. But you told people that she is the one that you probably fight with the most. It's here and there. It's sometimes, not all the time. But what can you tell us about what we can expect? Like what do you guys spar over? Where do you guys clash?

LESA MILAN: You know, I think we're both type A personalities. And it's been like that since we've met. And I've known her for quite some time now. And I'm just the type of person, I'm really outspoken. And I think for her, she's used to girls following behind her.

And I'm a leader. I'm not a follower. I don't follow behind anybody. And if anything, she has to get in line. So with that said, I feel like because I'm such a strong person, she naturally doesn't take to me. And because I see what type of person she is, I naturally just don't take to her.

We'll see what happens in the future. But we've been like this for a while. What you guys are seeing on the show is just our real lives being played out, real friendships being-- "friendships," I use that word loosely-- being played out, you know? And let's just see. Let's see where it goes.

GIBSON JOHNS: Totally. How aware were you-- because you've obviously known her for for years-- but how aware were you of like kind of her her "Ladies of London" years and sort of being on Bravo previously? Because a lot of people had expectations around her coming in. OK.

LESA MILAN: I never saw the show, didn't even know it existed. I didn't know the show at all. And I think she was also offended by that. Because I think one of the first things that we had when she met me-- and I was like no, what is that? And they're like, oh, it's a show on Bravo. And I'm like, I only know "The Real Housewives" on Bravo and like a couple other really good shows, like "Married to Medicine," like a few other shows--


LESA MILAN: --"Southern Charm." But no, I've never heard of this show before. And I actually said I never lived in the UK. I didn't know it was like--

GIBSON JOHNS: So but she had this perception that everyone would know about it and know what her perception-- right.

LESA MILAN: Yes, yes. And it was so funny, because I'm like, well, do you know me? I was on "College Hill." And she was like, no, what's that? But I didn't take offense to it. And I'm like, it was like number one TV show for Black Americans back in the day. But I didn't care. People knowing and not knowing me doesn't make or break me.

GIBSON JOHNS: And in some ways, it's, as Ayan would say, it's tit for toot. Because it's like you both have previous shows, who neither of you have heard of the other show. But like OK, it's a wash. You know what I mean?

LESA MILAN: And I always prefer it to when people don't know who I am. Because I feel like I get the genuine and more. I get a better version of--



GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah. I think it's better in life to be able to prove yourself anew, regardless of what you've done in the past.

LESA MILAN: Like my character on the show and probably like me in person, so I actually prefer it when people-- I'm not prejudged. People just know me. It's a fresh introduction. And their first impression is what is lasting, not a TV show.

GIBSON JOHNS: Totally. So in this week's episode, it's your first ever fashion show for Mina Roe. It's you expanding beyond just maternity wear, enter into everyday ready to wear. I mean, because that's a big change. That's a big change for your line. I guess, what were you most nervous about in making that jump? Was it that you're making a big investment in this whole other category? Talk me through sort of your thought process there.

LESA MILAN: Well, for me, with Mina Roe, Mina Roe started when I was pregnant with my second son. And I couldn't find anything nice to wear my first pregnancy. So by the time I was pregnant the second time around, Mina Roe was about to be launched. And I feel with the brand, as I grow as a mom, as a woman, I find different needs that women need.

And for me, not finding maternity wear, the next step was I couldn't find clothes that weren't forcing me to snap back. Everybody on Instagram is snapping back. So I actually had baby blues after my first and second pregnancy. So by the time I had my third son, I was actually picking clothes from a rack completely separate to my pre-pregnancy wear.

And so that kind of helped me mentally. And I was like, you know what? I think this is a problem that needs to be fixed. We can't fit into our pre-baby jeans right away. I feel so many women, especially women who are on social media, were so forced to like get our bodies back immediately. Because that's what the models and everybody else are doing. And that's not realistic.

So the whole idea behind the brand was, what's the next step after maternity? And so well, I designed some of the pieces. But for the first time, I also worked with other creatives, which has never happened before. I'm a control freak. So that was actually one of the hard things.

GIBSON JOHNS: But collaboration is good. Collaboration is good though.

LESA MILAN: Yeah, control freak. So being able to work with other creatives, other manufacturers and bring their products into my store, that was also really, really different to what we're used to. But I think it's going to be epic. We are launching this week. And I'm nervous. But I'm also excited.

We've had really, really good previews. The fashion show was a huge success. And I'm just excited to see where Mina Roe grows from here.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, I mean, and what better platform to have to help you grow it? I mean, but it's not like you haven't-- I mean, you've also dressed some people, some really famous women. I mean, I can say their first names, if you will know them. It's Serena. It's Beyonce. It's Khloe. It's Gigi.


GIBSON JOHNS: You've dressed some amazing people. Which of those moments, or maybe another moment, sort of like was the most surreal for you or even had the biggest impact on your business in terms of, oh, I saw that person wearing it, I want to buy it?

LESA MILAN: Yeah, I think Beyonce. The Beyonce effect is a real thing. When the other ladies wore our stuff, there wasn't like a lot of press and stuff behind it. Most of them, we just worked directly with their stylists.


LESA MILAN: But [INAUDIBLE] they wore it. And she wore two of our pieces. It was just epic. There is a real Beyonce effect. I think our website crashed like 100 times.

GIBSON JOHNS: Wow, that's wild.

LESA MILAN: Like no [INAUDIBLE] expanded the bandwidth, we just kept crashing. It was amazing. Yeah, and shout out to Ty, Ty Hunter, her stylist. She's the one that connected Beyonce with us. And it's honestly, I'm so grateful to God for him. Because the brand took off after that.

GIBSON JOHNS: That's amazing. And it's great to hear it directly from the source, honestly, that like that's a real impact that somebody at her level can have.

LESA MILAN: A real impact. But you know what? I actually feel that same amount of pride, regardless who I spot wearing Mina Roe. If I'm in the mall-- and I'm one of those girls too. I go up to her. She's wearing Mina Roe. And I'm like, I love your dress. Where did you get it? They have no idea that I'm the designer.

GIBSON JOHNS: Incredible. I love that.

LESA MILAN: Thank you. It's Mina Roe. And I'm like, I love it. You need to shop and get more stuff.

GIBSON JOHNS: That's incredible. And you also said on this episode that your husband is the CFO and that when he initially invested in the company, he said that he was really investing in you and believing in you. Have you convinced him to also think about it as investing in the company? Like is he convinced now that Mina Roe is a success?

LESA MILAN: Well, Mina Roe is a success.

GIBSON JOHNS: Exactly. Exactly.

LESA MILAN: You know, it is a huge success. But my husband, what he doe, he's in finance. He's in real estate. But he invests in a lot of startup businesses, right? And Mina Roe was one of the startups that he invested in. And he said it. He was like I don't really see maternity wear. I think it's very niche. I'm investing in you. Because I feel like whatever you touch turns to gold. He always says that. And he knows my work ethic. He knows I work hard. And he knows if I put my mind to something it's going to be successful.

So his initial investment was not really into the brand. It was into Mina Roe. But I think I've proven him wrong over, and over, and over again. I just need to get Mina Roe up to like the status of some of his companies on the spreadsheet. And then he'll take me a little bit more seriously.

GIBSON JOHNS: Well, it still must feel good though that he, regardless of what it is, he's going to believe in you, and your ability to make it a success, and your ability to be driven and build this whole whatever it would have been. But that must feel really nice to have that backing no matter what.

LESA MILAN: Honestly, the most supportive husband. If I tell him tomorrow that-- I don't know-- I want to go fly kites for a living, he'd be like, babe, just fly that kite really well and make sure that you make some money doing it, you know?

GIBSON JOHNS: And I loved hearing about when you said in that first episode, you met at LIV on a Sunday. If you know, you know. I was cracking up. That's amazing. That's iconic.

LESA MILAN: If you know, you know, to LIV on Sunday like a church, yeah, that was us.

GIBSON JOHNS: And I feel like Rich also has been getting some love from the Bravo accounts. People are all going over him a little bit.

LESA MILAN: Too much love.

GIBSON JOHNS: Is it going to his head already?

LESA MILAN: Social media. I need him to remain grounded. I think if he even had an idea. I get so many DMs with ladies asking me like, does he have a brother? Are you guys into "Sister Wives"?


LESA MILAN: It's serious. The gays love him too.

GIBSON JOHNS: I'm sure. Hello. Hey, that must also be validating, if people are onboard with Rich. I love it. So I wanted to finish off with a couple little, random things that I've been noticing about just like picking up on social media on some of the Bravo accounts. A lot of people think that you look like Megan Thee Stallion. And that's also pretty flattering. Have you seen that?

LESA MILAN: She's absolutely stunning. She's so beautiful. I love her. I love her music. I never thought of it before. But I've been getting it a lot. I actually showed Rich a photo of her. And he was like, oh, she's hot. And I'm like-- he said, well, you're hot. [INAUDIBLE] and I was like, OK, fine.

GIBSON JOHNS: That's been a real thing.

LESA MILAN: So beautiful. I love her.

GIBSON JOHNS: And then a lot of people have picked up that one of your confessional dresses is a dress-- or it's similar to address the Monique Samuels once wore on "Potomac," and again, another gorgeous person with amazing style like you. Have you seen that pop up too?

LESA MILAN: Yeah, I've seen that. I didn't even know that Monique wore that dress. But she looked absolutely stunning in it. She wore the long version.


LESA MILAN: And I wore the shorter version. But she looked amazing in it. And I love Monique. She's so gorgeous. Oh, my God.


LESA MILAN: So yeah, like whatever.

GIBSON JOHNS: And then you mentioned earlier that you were on a show before, "College Hill." That was a big hit for BET back in the day. And again, I like that you said that you prefer when people don't know who you are. Because it's like you get to kind of restart or whatever.


GIBSON JOHNS: But I feel like it also must feel kind of fun to have people who did love you back like 14 years ago, or whenever that was, and then remember you. Because that's also kind of cool. You made an impact back then. And you're making an impact now.

LESA MILAN: Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. You know what? When I started with this show, I was like, you know what? I hope that my "College Hill" friends, they see my growth. I'm not the same 18-year-old girl that I used to be. I'm now a wife, a mom, an entrepreneur. And I think for them, I was hoping that they'll see that growth and hopefully, inspire inspire them in some way. You know, like I didn't just go to college and do nothing else in my life, you know?


LESA MILAN: I moved on. I did really good things with my life. But I took a lot from "College Hill." I'm really proud of "College Hill." But there are moments to that, when I look back on it, I'm like, why?


LESA MILAN: But I've grown.

GIBSON JOHNS: You were 18, right, exactly.

LESA MILAN: Exactly.

GIBSON JOHNS: There is the one quote that I keep see popping up, which is an iconic quote, which is, it's not my fault I look better than you. Go take that up with God. That's--

LESA MILAN: Period, dot.

GIBSON JOHNS: Amazing. That holds up. That holds up. And then lastly, I mean, I'm just curious. Because you were a beauty queen for a really long time. And you won a ton of pageants. And that's obviously, a different kind of stage and a different kind of spotlight to be in. But is there anything that you kind of kept with you from those days that kind of has been helping you now, as you have re-entered the spotlight in this very different way on an international stage?

LESA MILAN: Absolutely. You know what? I'm a strong believer that every single thing that I had to do in my life prepared me for the moments that I'm having now, right? And 100%, I'm the only girl in my tribe. I only have three boys and my husband. I'm the only girl. And I grew up with only brothers.

So the only real interaction I ever had with women came from pageantry. So thank God for pageantry. I know how to deal and handle these catty little bitches.

GIBSON JOHNS: I'm sure. I'm sure you have the story. I'm sure you have stories to last a lifetime from those days.

LESA MILAN: Yes, yeah. So that has definitely prepared me to deal with these women. Because they're so catty, so catty. It's unreal.

GIBSON JOHNS: Well, Lesa, this was so much fun. And I've been having so much fun watching you on the show. And I can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds. Are there any plugs you want to do before we sign off? Like where can people find out more about Mina Roe and kind of keep up with what you're up to?

LESA MILAN: Yeah, absolutely. Mina Roe's new collection, our new ready to wear collection, drops this Wednesday. So minaroe.com.

GIBSON JOHNS: Love it. Love it. Well, thank you so much, Lesa. Have a good rest of your week. And again, looking forward to the rest of the season.

LESA MILAN: Thank you so much. Bye.


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