A Quick Guide to Egyptian Astrology

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What Is Egyptian Astrology?
What Is Egyptian Astrology?

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Although it's often dismissed by skeptics as a pseudoscience that inspires trending hashtags and memes on TikTok, astrology has stood the test of time. The language of the sky that Western astrologers currently work with (think: these 12 zodiac signs) originated in Babylon about 2,400 years ago. And about 2,100 years ago, the concept intrigued people in the Eastern Mediterranean. Soon, Egyptians gave astrology their own twist, applying their gods to Greek zodiac signs.

Egyptian astrology includes 12 zodiac signs, each named for a god or goddess (with the exception of the Nile, which is named for the river). And like Western astrology, Egyptians looked to their sign to better understand themselves, their character, strengths, challenges, and skills. (Related: What Zodiac Compatibility Can Tell You About Relationships)

But rather than base their astrological signs on the 12 constellations used in Greek astrology, the Egyptians took into account 36 small groups of constellations called "decans," which influence the date periods assigned to each sign. For this reason, Egyptian signs span several short periods that fall throughout the year. In other words, if you were born on June 22, and your partner on September 6, you might be a Cancer and them a Virgo in Western astrology, but you're actually the same Egyptian zodiac sign: The Nile or Satis. (Related: The Complete Guide to Astrology Sister Signs)

Curious to learn more, and find out which Egyptian astrology signs your birth date falls under? Here, the basics on each Egyptian zodiac sign.

The Nile or Satis

Dates: January 1-7, June 19-28, September 1-7, and November 18-26

Traits: As the source of life for Egyptians, the Nile supplied energy and nourishment. The sign which is named for the river, as well as Satis, the patroness of hunters, are both creative, life-giving, passionate, deeply feeling, and insightful. In fact, people born under this sign are thought of as teachers.

Ruling planets: The moon and Uranus [do we need "the" or can we just say Moon?]

Most compatible with: Amun-Ra, Set


Dates: January 22–31, Sept 8–22

Traits: Named for the creator goddess or mother of the world, Mut is associated with water. People born under this sign are thought to be shy, wise, affectionate, quiet, protective, and loyal.

Ruling planets: The sun [sim note here, can we just say Sun? we do so with Earth below]

Most compatible with: Amun-Ra, Thoth

Amun Ra

Dates: January 8-21 and February 1-11

Traits: The king of the gods and the god of creation, Amun Ra symbolizes feeling empowered through compassion. People born under this sign are thought of as stubborn, intelligent, confident, optimistic, authoritative, and resolute.

Ruling planets: The sun [see note ^] and Saturn

Most compatible with: The Nile/Satis, Horus


Dates: February 12-29 and August 20-31

Traits: Represented by the earth god, Geb's energy is sensitive and intellectual. People born under this sign are thought to have high mental energy but are also spiritual. They're natural-born empaths who can easily tune into others' feelings.

Ruling planets: Earth

Most compatible with: Set, Horus


Dates: March 1-10 and November 27-December 18

Traits: People born under this sign, named for the god of the afterlife, are said to be individualistic, generous, and impatient, but also vulnerable, as they can be too trusting of people who might not have their best interest at heart. They're also known for their quick wit.

Ruling planets: Pluto and the sun [same thing here]

Most compatible with: Isis, Thoth


Dates: March 11-31, October 18-29, December 19-31

Traits: People born under the sign named for the goddess of motherhood, medicine, love, magic, children, and peace are confident lovers of life who speak their minds in an unfiltered, uninhibited way. They're energetic, have a vibrant sense of humor, and can't help but see the best in other people.

Ruling planets: The Moon [see note above, we're caping moon here?] , Earth, and Uranus

Most compatible with: Thoth, Osiris


Dates: April 1-19, November 8-17

Traits: Those born under the sign named for the god of astrology, knowledge, magic, writing, and science are wise and diplomatic. They're thought of as reliable, creative, enthusiastic, and prize integrity and courage. [they have prize integrity or they prize as in value integrity?]

Ruling planets: The Moon [see notes^^] and Mercury

Most compatible with: Bastet, Isis


Dates: Apr 20-May 7, Aug 12-Aug 19

Traits: People born under the sign named for the god of the sky have a strong will. They might even be a bit hardheaded. They're industrious, courageous, positive, and family-oriented.

Ruling planets: The moon and the sun [back to lower case here with "the"?]

Most compatible with: Bastet, Geb


Dates: May 8-27, June 29-July 13

Traits: The sign symbolized by the god of mummification is introverted, confident, and sympathetic. People born under Anubis are thought to have a great deal of inner passion and to be comfortable with the dark side of life.

Ruling planets: Mercury

Most compatible with: Bastet, Isis


Dates: May 28-June 18, September 28-October 2

Traits: People born under the sign symbolized by the god of chaos are thought to be perfectionistic as well as bold fans of change and soaking up knowledge. They're also fiery and quick to get angry.

Ruling planets: Mars

Most compatible with: Geb, Satis/The Nile


Dates: July 14-28, September 23-27, October 3-17

Traits: Those born under the sign symbolized by the goddess of cats, fertility, and perfume are thought to be intuitive, discerning, gentle, spiritual, and always searching for harmony. They're also thought to be psychic and interested in anything secretive, mysterious, or hidden.

Ruling planets: The sun and the moon [lower case again?]

Most compatible with: Sehkmet, Horus


Dates: July 29-August 11, October 30-November 7

Traits: People born under the sign symbolized by the goddess of war and healing are thought to be impatient, lively, upbeat, and fans of being in a position of authority. They also have high standards for themselves and others.

Ruling planets: The Sun [cap here?]

Most compatible with: Bastet, Geb

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