Private chef reveals the meals she makes for clients

Private chef Karen Rosenbloom (@karens_cooking) shared some of the dishes she makes for her clients, and they look mouthwateringly delicious!. First up, Rosenbloom showcases her tomato and burrata caprese salad. Next, Rosenbloom reveals her salmon tiradito, which consists of a vibrant leafy green salad and sliced salmon. Third, Rosenbloom shows off the first main course she has prepared: A cacio e pepe pasta. Then, Rosenbloom reveals her steak and lobster dish, which consists of sliced and grilled steak topped with plenty of seasoned lobster meat. Finally, Rosenbloom concludes the video by showing off the lava cakes she has prepared. Viewers couldn’t get enough of Karen’s delicious cooking!. “[I] would devour it!” commented one viewer

Video Transcript