Princess Charlotte Has a New Friend Thanks to This Heart-Warming Gesture From Queen Camilla

Someone add Friendship Matchmaker to Queen Camilla‘s robust list of titles.

During a visit to the STORM Family Center in Battersea, London on Thursday, the Queen Consort received a note from an 8-year-old girl coincidentally named Charlotte — Charlotte-Rose Hickson, to be precise. The sweet little girl reportedly gave Camilla a note for Princess Charlotte, 7, asking for a playdate, which the Queen Consort accepted and promised to pass on.

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Charlotte-Rose, who attended the event with her father Wayne, adorably shared, per Hello!, “[Queen Camilla] said she would give my note to Charlotte. I’m hoping she’ll agree, you never know… I think I’ll go to her house.”

The publication also spoke to Wayne about the note, which he said read, “‘Princess Charlotte, My name is Charlotte-Rose and I’m eight.’ It said her primary school and where we lived and said did she fancy a play date. It ended with, ‘Here’s my phone number, hopefully you will, love Charlie-Rose.'”

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He sweetly added, “She asked me about it a few weeks ago and I said what did she have to lose? She was almost too scared to do it this morning but then got the courage to do it. She was quite nervous though. Camilla told her that she liked her dress and she would pass the note on for her.”

Queen Camilla visited the organization, which serves victims of domestic violence and offers support services to community members of all ages, in honor of its 19th anniversary. While there, the Queen Consort met with STORM founder Marie Hanson to learn more about the charity’s work, bonded with survivors, and added her signature to a hand-painted canvas.

She also delivered a speech thanking the organization for its life-saving work, saying, “I’d like to say a huge thank you, to you, for all you’re doing for domestic abuse and women being abused. I’ve been to a lot of centers all the way around the country, but I seldom come to ones like this where there’s so much going on to help the community. Thank you, everybody who’s been part of Marie’s mission. I feel very privileged and honored to have come and visited you today.”

Supporting local charities and making new connections for her granddaughter — a day in the life of the Queen Consort of England.

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